6 Things People Who Can’t Say No to Food Will Understand

Words by Kimberly Claire Reyes

Wake-up. Breakfast. Pre-lunch Snack. Lunch. Afternoon snack. Dinner. Midnight snack. Sleep. Repeat.

That basically sums up the life of a full-time food-lover (like me). How could it not? Food is one of the greatest blessings bestowed upon mankind, and there’s truly no shame if one would give in and indulge in these delicacies. Why do you eat to live if you can live to eat right? (LOL) That being said, here are 6 things people who can’t say no to food will understand!

6. Online food deliveries = LIFE

Food Delivery Meme

Grab Food? Food Panda? Let’s all be honest. These food delivery services have saved the lives of countless of hungry, sleep-deprived individuals at 12 AM who just couldn’t stop salivating over their midnight cravings. If it takes 30 minutes for that hot, cheesy, luscious pizza to arrive then so be it!

5. Samgyup? Samgyup.

Samgyup GIF

This one-word question is your most favorite question in the world: “Samgyup?” To which your answer is always, “Samgyup!” There is absolutely no sane human being in this world who could ever say no to samgyupsal. From the glistening pork belly to the oh-so-tender beef strips, I swear on my life that samgyup is basically God’s way of saying bless you to the world. And I am thankful.

4. Don’t you dare stare at my fries!

Dont Take My Food Meme

We don’t want you to touch our food. We don’t want you to stare at our food. We don’t want you smelling our food. Believe it or not, we food-lovers have eyes like vultures. We possess a sixth sense like mothers do, so don’t you dare think you could get away with stealing our food. And yes, there are exactly eight chicken nuggets and 5,357 rice grains inside my bowl. Don’t touch it.

3. Aren’t you gonna finish that?

Are You Gonna Finish That Meme

If you’re not going to finish your food, you might as well be a good noodle and give it to us. We are the most efficient food disposers available and we’re always ready to receive any tasty donations from our friends. So the next time you can’t finish your food, simply give the word and consider your food finished!

2. Diet who?

Diet Who Meme

How many times have we lied to ourselves saying that we will start dieting tomorrow? It is truly a struggle to turn away from the savory temptations surrounding you especially if they’re just one refrigerator door away. One minute you tell yourself you’re gonna eat a bowl of salad for dinner and the next thing you know is that you’re gobbling down four Japanese take-outs all by yourself.

1. We are ALWAYS broke

Spend Money For Food Meme

It is no surprise that we food-lovers often end up with an empty wallet and tears in our eyes. We just don’t know when to stop. Luckily, that is about to change because mobile wallet app GCash is celebrating World Savings Day this October 31 by offering its users a chance to create a digital savings account that gives 12 times more interest than the country’s number one bank! How cool is that?! GCash is used by more than 20 million Filipinos, and has over 70,000 partner merchants, making everyday transactions much more convenient.

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GCash is a mobile wallet application that has 20 million users and over 70,000 partner merchants. It is owned by Mynt, the fintech arm of Globe Telecom, Ayala Corp., and Ant Financial, an affiliate of Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group.

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How do you save? Share your #PlsSaveMe stories in the comments section!

GCash #PlsSaveMe

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