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What does it take to be a responsible traveler? Follow these steps by the‘s The Footprints Project. Just try it, there’s really nothing to lose.


1. Responsible Traveler: Research Your Destination

It’s your first time to go to  place. The first thing you should do? Get to know it. Why? Simply because you get to appreciate  the destination if you know what it has to offer. You will somehow know your budget, the places you shouldn’t miss, and of course the precautions you should take. For example, if  it’s your first time to travel to Boracay, besides already knowing that it is one of the best beach destinations in the Philippines, you might want to know that Real Coffee and Tea Cafe produces the BEST Calamansi Muffins in Boracay and it is always MADE with LOVE. 🙂 

Owner of Real Coffee and Tea Cafe in Boracay


Also Jonah’s Fruitshakes serves the BEST avocado flavored shake in the whole of Boracay Island;


With the fast upgrading technology today, what is 5 minutes to spare to get to know where you’re going? Remember, travelling is best enjoyed when you know what will welcome you!

2. Responsible Traveler: Respect Rules

A rule is defined as a principle or regulation governing conduct, action, procedure or arrangement. Written or unwritten, I believe every destination has their own set of rules. As a traveler and guest, you are OBLIGED to abide by these rules and most of all respect them. Along with that, accept all the consequences that might happen if you do not comply with them. Included in respecting rules are respecting their customs and culture too. 

Boracaynons does not want Boracay to be called “Bora”.  For them, it violates their culture and loses their identity. We, as tourists of Boracay and as responsible travelers, should respect that.



3. Responsible Traveler: Reduce Waste

Reuse and Recycle. Two most powerful words when talking about reducing wastes! We travelers love to bring junk food, plastic bottles and non-biodegradable things when we travel. Yes, its very convenient and its okay, as long as we always remember to bring those with us and not leave them anywhere else. There is always a proper place for disposing used bottles, plastic wrappers.. even used spoons and forks. And I believe, its no where near the beach.   

We have the best beach destinations here in the Philippines, and it is in our hands to keep them that way. 

 Boracay Island April 2012



4. Responsible Traveler: Respect Wildlife


 Starfishes from Palawan Island


Our country’s wildlife can be overwhelming at times… I LOVE having my pictures taken with animals, plants, or anything not normally seen by my eyes! I’m sure a lot of you are just like me. Well, there’s nothing wrong with having your pictures taken with them, as long as you return them to their natural habitat, you’re good to go 🙂

As responsible travelers, we should always remember that these creatures are God’s gift too. They have life and just like all of us, they need to be treasured and respected. 

5. Responsible Traveler: Report Illegal Activities

Corals are home to small fishes. Therefore, they need to be protected and preserved. Illegal activities, sadly, are still common. We as responsible travelers have the shared responsibility of taking care of our natural resources. REPORT and REACT in case you hear of any illegal activity happening that involves our country’s resources.  

6. Responsible Traveler: Repost and Retweet

Social Media is more powerful than we think it is. Nowadays, news spread faster through the internet than the radio and television. So just a simple share on your Facebook, a retweet from your Twitter or even a photo upload on Instagram, you can help save our country’s beautiful destinations and spread awareness in saving our country’s resources.  

Together we can save our seas, together we can preserve our beaches. Just a click away. 🙂

Responsible travelers! When In Manila, always remember that we can make memorable experiences, take photos from our destinations but leave nothing but footprints! Let us be aware and be alert! Share your experience and set a good example!

Help spread awareness by tweeting #LeaveNothingButFootPrints to remind people about this advocacy.

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Responsible Traveler’s 6 Rs || The Footprints Project

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