6 Must-Have Planners that Will Help You Achieve Your Goals This 2017

With this century’s fast-paced lifestyle, some people feel the need to live in the moment and always keep up with what’s trending that sometimes, they lose track of what really matters: achieving their goals. Now that 2017 is here, many of us are hoping that this year will be utterly different. To help, I have listed down 6 planners that will help you stay focused and on track, and achieve your goals—whether it be in the realm of beauty, charity, self-improvement, finances, love life or travel.

6 Must-Have Planners that Will Help You Achieve Your Goals This 2017

6. Belle De Jour

BDJ is not foreign amongst Pinays or (as the brand calls them) Bellas. With so many beauty innovations out there, it can be hard to keep up with skincare. Luckily, there is the BDJ planner to guide us! Not only is it centered around beauty, but it also has tips, reminders and checklists to keep you on track in terms of finance, self-improvement, health and fitness. If you want a personal touch, you can even get yours customised!

BDJ-1024x512Belle De Jour Planner: ₱598.00₱680.00

Get it here: https://ilovebdj.com/shop/2017-belle-de-jour-power-planner/

5. Ang Alamat Kung Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin and Other Mysteries

The witty, relatable and funny content of this planner will make you feel better whenever you find yourself asking why you’re still single. Really. But don’t mistake this planner for something solely dedicated to the single and sawi; it also shares relevant stories and answers questions based on everyday problems, such as the traffic along EDSA, our inability to lose weight, the reasons our crush hasn’t noticed us, the reasons why we haven’t moved on and so many more whys!

WITTY-1024x341Witty Will Save The World, Co: ₱520.00

Get it here: https://wittywillsavetheworld.com/products/the-ang-alamat-kung-bakit-single-ka-pa-rin-and-other-mysteries-planner-2017

4. This Planner Will Actually Change Someone’s Life

Some of us wait for the right time to love, to laugh and to live; but will we ever be ready for that time? What if the right time is now? This is the mystery that this planner wants you to discover. We are the storytellers of our own life stories, so whichever plot you want to create, go ahead and start writing it. Live the life you choose! Take this planner with you as a daily reminder that the life you’ve always imagined of living, is in the here and now!

willchange-1024x512FreeSpeech Publications Purchase

Get it here: https://www.freespeechpublications.com/ordering-made-easy/

3. Young Adult Planner

Three talented creators produced this planner to help young adults invest and save their money with ease. JC, an insurance agent, came up with the idea of a guide for young adults to save their money and increase their income, whether they are still in college or are already working. While it is recommended to go to a bank and talk to an expert in the matter, doing so can be intimidating at times.

Since a lot of people struggle in the finance department, tracking your cashflow, budget and income with a planner might be an awesome way to start. It also has funny content in it along with a checklist for your budget and an inspirational reminder on every page.

YAP-1024x512Young Adult Planner

2. 365 Wonders Creative Planner

A portion of the proceeds of this planner will go straight to the children in Syria who need to fund their medicine, food and clothing! This is Woman, Create’s way of supporting the campaign: The Syria Crisis Fund. I know that a lot of people consider donating and volunteering, so why not start now by giving and helping with this small contribution?

P.S This is the most aesthetically-appealing planner I’ve ever seen! It collates and exhibits almost 400+ art and written contributions from all over the Philippines. If you love watercolour art and always need space to share your wonders and discoveries, you’ll be obsessed with this planner!

WOMANCREATE-1024x512Woman, Create: Php 1,488

1. Where to Next?

To travel is a passion and a fulfillment of a dream. To meet a stranger, to know their stories, share yours with them, and share it with others at home is a purpose.

Travelling involves stepping out of your comfort zone, discovering the uncharted, untouched and raw, and going to places you’ve only seen in your dreams. Forget your friends’ Instagram photo of them hiking and basking in the morning light upon reaching the mountain’s summit or beach hopping on an island known for its pristine white sand. Instead, create your own adventure!

Don’t get carried away by what everybody  else is doing and visiting. With the WhereToNext planner, you’ll always be reminded to travel with a passion and a purpose. It serves as an instant bucketlist for local and international travel and even comes with inspirational quotes to pick you up when you find yourself stuck in the hustle and bustle of city life.

WTN-1024x512WhereToNext: Php 595

Get it here: https://wheretonext.ph/shop/

Don’t have a planner yet? Hopefully this guide has helped you decide on which one you should get for the rest of the year. It’s never too late to get one!