5 Up-and-coming Musicians and Bands To Watch Out For!

OPM is growing–and we’re here for it! We can’t deny that there’s a new wave of OPM that’s currently taking over the soundwaves and we love it, it’s like a rebirth. OPM never left, really. It’s always been there, inspiring us and others. And these fresh faces are definitely here to stand out.

Here are 5 up-and-coming acts that’ll definitely have you tapping your feet and nodding along!

5. Rice Lucido

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Rice Lucido is a singer-songwriter, Multimedia Arts student, an ever-changing creature, dreamer and a free spirit. She is currently a freelance designer, artist and an independent musician. Exploring, expanding, evolving, and an experiencing human being in this world of different colors. 

Rice Lucido’s dreamy look matches her passion for her music. Creation is like second nature to her, fueling her folk sound and her art. She is first and foremost an artist and that energy channels itself into her artwork and into her music. She’s definitely not bound by just one creative outlet! Rice also takes fantastic photos and dabbles in graphics. Lucido is a creative force to be reckoned with–and we can’t wait to hear her take her sound to the future.

Her sweet voice coupled with energetic guitar strums as she croons her lyrics, her music just has a magnetic pull to it. We can’t help but sway along. She’s got an energy to her that’s reminiscent of songs perfect for staring out the car window, wistfully thinking of the people you love.

Latest gig/act: First leg of Hele ng Maharlika Tour – April 27,  Bahay Ni Ninay.

Social Media Accounts: https://www.facebook.com/RiceLucidoPage/




4. Fourplay MNL

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We write songs about love, hate and everything in between.

In 2013, a quartet was born. They won first runner-up in UST’s Soundcheck with their unique sound and, though fresh-faced, the almost masterful way they worked together. It was as if they were meant to play together. From a quartet, they grew to 6 members, namely Pio Bagnol (vocals/guitar), Tin Garcia (guitar), Lawrence Luna (guitar), Bogart Calubayan (backup vocals/bass), Stephen Dela Cruz (keyboards), and Marc Jacob Pacifico (drums).

Are these lyrics familiar to you? “Sobrang gulo, / Saan ba ko tinamaan? / Sa alak o sayo? / Nahihilo, / Saan ba ko tinamaan? / Sa alak o sayo?” Then you’ve definitely heard “One Night Stand,” their biggest song to date. Don’t those lyrics just make you go aguy? Because same.

Join them at their next music video launch! Details over here:


Social Media Accounts: https://www.facebook.com/FourPlayMNL/



3. Lola Amour

Lola Amour

Throwback to Wanderband 2017: A 7-person indie band named Lola Amour won and stood onstage with international acts like HONNE and The Temper Trap. Pio Dumayas, Martin Kim, Raymond King, Zoe Gonzales, Angelo Mesina, Joxx Perez, and Renzo Santos all hail from the south and started out as two different bands before becoming what is now known as Lola Amour.

Their sound is complex and layered, having a saxophone and trumpet as part of their fantastic line-up. One example of their unique sound is “Pwede Ba” where not just vocals layer, but even the complexity of overlapping instruments accompany heartwrenching lyrics like “Pwede bang magkunyari na lang tayo / Huwag ngayon at ‘di ko yata kakayanin.” While upbeat, it breaks your heart–this band knows how to get your heart going. (“Sanity” is also a bop, I love it.)

Latest gig/act: Pwede Ba MV Launch last Feb 9, 2019

Social Media Accounts: https://www.facebook.com/lolaamourph/



2. Timmy Albert

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Music was always a part of my life thanks to my parents, but I started doing it more seriously in college when I chose to make it a priority.

19 year old independent singer, songwriter and producer Timmy Albert based in the Philippines.
A young man just on the cusp of adulthood, Timmy Albert has already proven himself in the music scene. His song “emotions away” has already surpassed a million plays on Spotify and his new music video for his song “lovebug” can only be described as adorable with all its movie references. This kid is all-around, his lyrics and sound making him sound well beyond his years. The 80s vibe we sometimes get hints at a maturity that only underscores our shock when we realize he’s only 19!
He started out with covers on Soundcloud, exploring his own voice and sound before branching out into creating his own original content. And we’re so grateful he was into music at all. The amount of creativity he’s given to the music scene rivals even those who’ve been there longer and we can’t wait to watch him continue to grow.
Watch his latest music video here:

1. NACI/Ryan Nacino

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If there’s one thing I’m looking forward to, it’s me being able to give back to music. I want to use this art as a medium to help people understand the feelings they don’t and relate to the emotions they do.

This young artist is fresh-faced to the bigger scene but don’t be fooled–he’s a veteran when it comes to his music. He’s known his voice and his vibe for years, his confidence in his own musicality almost as high as the places his talents bring him. A wildly-talented singer, he also plays guitar and piano–ikaw na! There is a prodigy-like quality to him and we’re not surprised with how charismatic and passionate he is.

Going by the stage name NACI, Ryan wows us with his soulful vocals and masterful guitar licks. He’s a performer by heart and he’s not afraid to show it off onstage for all of us to clap along to. When it comes to up-and-coming musicians, this one’s the one to watch out for. He dreams of one day becoming part of a music festival–a feat we’re sure he’ll reach in no time!


Which artist are you excited about? Let us know!