5 Types of Professors You’ll Encounter in College

Article by: Stacey T. Lee

One of the main points college students make when asked what differs between college and high school are the teachers — or as they’re called in college, professors. Just like in high school, we are taught by those who have studied in various fields of expertise. However, they differ quite significantly as you move onto college.

5 Types of Professors You’ll Encounter in College

5. The High School Teacher

The one you meet for core subjects, somewhere between the usual high school-like schedule of 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. His or her class, whether it be English or Mathematics, will somehow transport you to your classroom right back in your alma mater. The overall environment that the professor exudes somehow brings you back to your pre-college days, through their pacing or their teaching. This is the kind of teacher that everyone expects (and wishes) to see standing in front of the classroom— eager, happy, and always full of enthusiasm; well, enough to make up for the lack of it amongst his/her students.

4. The Millennial

Usually identified through his or her fondness for all things Apple, this kind of professor is one that almost every student may be under during his/her stay in college. The standard procedure after realising you have this kind of professor typically goes along the lines of searching every social media platform for their accounts — usually successful in sites such as Twitter and Instagram, and still being in awe at the fact that your professor does have a life outside the four walls of your classroom.

3. The Passionate One

Not a very common type of professor, but one that is usually found in more specialised subjects such as those aligned with Anthropology or Psychology. Usually the type of professor who had gone into teaching because he/she truly feels passionate about his/her subject, or as a means of furthering his/her studies even more. Inspiration is something one would develop from having this kind of professor; for seeing how someone talk and share with everyone all sorts of things about his true passion lights up a spark in every person somehow.

2. The One That’s Too Chill

In college, there’s a difference between having a professor you can relax under, and one that doesn’t give a damn about you. They usually come into class late, if they even come at all; and don’t care whether or not you’re failing their class. This kind of professor is the kind your high school teachers tell you about — scare you with, more like. Plenty often think they should pick this kind of professor, but the thing is: it goes against exactly everything you went into college for.

1. The Devil

Also more commonly known as a “terror prof” to college students, the nickname anything but falling short of his/her character. We students will never know how they ended up this way — purposely making us have a difficult time, targeting us in lectures, having exams with the only thing we know being our name.

This kind of professor is one you wouldn’t want to cross, for the sake of your grade and sanity. Although this kind of professor may be one that would cause you to reevaluate your entire idea of morality and the educational hierarchy, there are just some things you’ve got to sacrifice to survive the whirlwind that is college.

Each person encounters different kinds of people in college, but they don’t realise they aren’t just classmates or orgmates, but professors as well. Whether or not you pick them voluntarily, or have only your sucky enlistment skills to blame; every professor you experience will only help you make the best out of every situation you are thrust into, just as how it’s going to be in real life.


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