5 Exciting Dishes at Tipsy Pig that Elevate Filipino Classics

Written by: Danelle Go / Photography by: Arielle Choy

There are so many things to love about Tipsy Pig from its casual ambience and its cool environment to the fact that they’re both a great restaurant and a lively bar. That doesn’t even take their amazing food into account yet. So, whether you’re from the North or from the South, you should make some time in your schedule to enjoy some great food and great company at the place.

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Among the large variety of items on Tipsy Pig, you will notice that some of their bestsellers (and my personal favorites) are actually modern takes on some Pinoy classics. For all of the local food lovers out there, here are some dishes to try:

5 Exciting Dishes at Tipsy Big that Elevate Filipino Classics

5. Tipsy Kare-Kare

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I’m not the biggest fan of kare-kare, but this is an exception! From the first bite alone, it;s jam-packed with flavor. The sauce is thick and nutty, just the way classic kare-kare should be served. The vegetables, and of course the pork, are cooked to perfection, with the pork staying nice and crispy because of the way the dish is presented. Needless to say, this Filipino staple has been brought to a whole new level at Tipsy Pig!

4. Tipsy Pochero

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Pochero is probably one of the best and most delicious comfort foods out there. It’s soupy, it’s tasty, and it has a bit of everything—what’s not to love? With Tipsy Pig’s twist on pochero, all the important aspects remain, but are presented in a new and unique fashion. It still has nice tender beef, perfectly crisp veggies, and a really great tomato base soup that will bring you back to your childhood, but this time it comes to you in a perfectly Instagram-worthy way.

3. RCB (Roasted Chicken Bacolod)

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For all of the chicken inasal lovers out there, this one’s for you! Tipsy Pig has their own take on the beloved recipe involving a whole chicken and a lot of rice! Tipsy Pig serves a whole chicken, perfectly marinated and turned orange, just the way a good inasal dish should be. To take things up a notch, the chicken is stuffed with rice and coated in the same delicious marinade, so there’s no need for side orders of any sort. Just take note that it can serve around 2-3 people (the same goes for the Tipsy Pochero).

2. Tipsy Ice Breaker

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With the insane heat in Manila, there’s no doubt you’re going to want something to cool you down. This is where the Tipsy Ice Breaker, Tipsy Pig’s halo halo, comes in! It has all of the necessary ingredients of a good, classic halo halo: ube ice cream, leche flan, pinipig, jelly, and shaved ice, among the other content of this fan favorite. Don’t miss out on this tasty and refreshing dessert!

1. Sisig Platter

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It’s hard not to love sisig; it’s crispy, crunchy, salty… Whether it’s sizzling or just served with some good white rice, it’s so easy to eat! Tipsy Pig, being the geniuses that they are, created a new way of eating this classic by turning them into… SISIG TACOS!! Yes, sisig tacos! Perfectly cooked sisig placed on soft warm tortillas, topped with crunchy piece sof pork skin, and served with soy sauce and calamansi. Just imagining the dish while writing this is making me hungry! This dish perfectly sums up Tipsy Pig in the sense that you can eat it as an appetizer, or even as bar chow. Morning or night, any time is the perfect time to enjoy this bestseller!

And on that note, morning or night is the perfect time to visit Tipsy Pig! Time to get your friends together!

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