5 Things I Learned About Book Lovers On Instagram

No one has too many books. I’d like to believe that each book lover will always want more of what he or she already has. Bibiliophiles or book lovers are hungry for fresh stories and are always on the look out for more. Buying and reading books is indeed addicting and likewise, very costly.

Like other book lovers, I am always in search of new book titles to add to my reading list. Some are usually suggested by my close friends while some are works of authors I’ve encountered in the past. At times, those book titles, especially those written by widely-known authors, are either out of stock or only available for pre-order.

Some bookworms have formed and joined book clubs to meet fellow book lovers to share with their love of reading. But for those who don’t have enough time to join, you’ll be surprised that any book lover can be part of such online. 


A few months after I joined Instagram on 2013, I started to try online shopping and decided to look for accounts that sold books that I wanted to buy but couldn’t find in local bookstores. Then, I came across the hashtag #booksph and discovered  how numerous Filipino book lovers are making use of that social networking service. Here are the things I got to know about them.

5 Things I Learned About Book Lovers On Instagram

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5. They are very friendly.

They’re very willing to help their fellow book lovers. Post a book that you’re looking for and expect users to help you find it. They will comment and tag people that they know who might be selling that particular book. Some will even share their collection of ebooks for free. I got a few ebooks which eventually I shared with my friends thanks to a few bibliophiles I met online.


4. They sell books of different editions.

If you’re the type of book lover who is drawn to the beauty of book covers, you’ll be surprised to find different editions of the books that you love through this hashtag. Some bibliophiles have even made a business out of books and offer UK editions, Australia Editions, Anniversary Editions, and Book Collectors’ Editions. There was a time that I was so fond of John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars” that I decided to buy a Exclusive Collectors’ Edition I saw online.

books fault in our stars john green

3. You can exchange books online.

Don’t have a budget for new books? Worry not for some bibliophiles are willing to swap a book for another one. It’s definitely an inexpensive way to obtain new books to add to your reading list. Some book lovers even accept other items to swap for their books. There was a time when I got to exchange a white top for a book of my choice and I only had to pay for the shipping fee.

books lang leav love

2. They sell preloved books at an affordable cost.

What I admire most about bibliophiles is that they take really good care of their books (no creases on the pages, plastic-covered, no dog-eared edges, etc.). This way, they are able to sell their preowned books to other book lovers. Of course, the prices of the books will depend on their condition. Prices may range from 25 to 75% of the original cost of the book. You may ask them to send a photo of the book to check the book’s spine, edges and pages, as well. Should you be interested to buy their books, you may opt for shipping or meet-ups in the Metro. Some even give freebies such as bookmarks and pens when you buy their books.


1. They give book reviews and suggestions.

Can’t decide what book to read next? Through the hashtag #booksph, you’ll see a lot of ‘bookstagram’ posts where book lovers provide a short caption and rating for the books they’ve read. There are also book lovers who create “read-alongs” of certain books where anyone can share their thoughts after reading a few chapters. That way, you’ll get an idea about the book you’re planning to buy. I became aware of new authors and book titles to read as suggested by fellow bibiliophiles online. 


Are you also a book lover? Browse through #booksph and you might find the book you’ve been looking for.

Just a friendly reminder: Should you be interested in buying their books, check their tagged photos for feedback about them.


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