5 Simple (AND CHEAP!) Things You Could Do to Update Your Wardrobe

Upgrading your wardrobe is a fun experience. Wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in is always a confidence booster! These five tips are for people who want to upgrade their wardrobe but don’t want to go beyond budget.

5.) Donate.


Isn’t it ironic that our first tip is to upgrade your wardrobe is to donate? There’s actually a very good reason behind this. Because of all the advertisements around us and even social media where we get to compare what we have with what others have, we could feel like we never have enough. Our closets become cluttered, we become hoarders, yet these items no longer suit our style.

But we have to clutter to give way to new and better things. Upgrading your wardrobe doesn’t mean increasing the quantity. It means increasing the quality. By quality, we mean the clothes in your wardrobe must suit each other and must suit you. Don’t be scared of donating some of your clothes. They’re so much better off being used by someone else than being stuck inside your closet.

4.) Gather pegs.

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1 Kryz Sweet Charms Manila Hall of Fame2

There are many good places to look for pegs. After clearing out clothes you no longer use, check out what you left in your closet. This should give you a clearer picture about what style you want and what you enjoy wearing.

You could also look at the social media accounts of fashion bloggers and celebrities. Examples include actress Janella Salvador and top fashion blogger Kryz Uy, who both shared pictures of their Sweet Charms Manila lockets on Instagram.

3.) Make a wishlist.

Fashion Wishlist

Whenever you see items that really attract you, save them in a note or a file you could get back to later on. When you have enough budget and time, go back to your wishlist.  Consider your available wardrobe and budget, and how you feel about the items in your wishlist. This should help lessen impulsive buying and make sure that your new purchases would suit the clothes you already have.

2.) Accessorize.

Sweet Charms Manila

Sometimes, the smallest details could transform a look. Even if you’ve already donned your favorite tops and bottoms, a few tweaks could help upgrade your overall look. Instead of going for a plain polo shirt, adding a statement necklace could make a difference.

1.) Personalize.

sweet charms manila

When you wear a certain bracelet or necklace, it accompanies you as you go through your entire day. I often look at accessories as visual representations of my priorities and my values.

I filled up my Sweet Charms Manila locket with charms that best tell my story: a laptop, a camera, a pencil, a sunflower, and my favorite year so far.

I wear my Sweet Charms Manila necklace almost everyday. When I get bored or exhausted during a busy workday, it’s become a habit to just look at the charms. I find it comforting.

If you’re getting a necklace or a bracelet that you’d like to wear everyday, I hope you choose something that means a lot to you. 🙂 What use is upgrading your wardrobe if you feel alienated to yourself? Enjoy the process of dressing up!


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