5 Reasons Why the Successful Living Summit is Effective in Transforming Lives

There are different factors that can keep one from achieving what he or she calls success. Some of us are used to many things, including our gadgets (that smart phone!), procrastination, emotions, and excuses, which causes a delay in our goals, may it be in our professional or personal life.

In the recently concluded 1st Successful Living Summit in the Philippines, we were trained to act on issues, habits, and inner conversations that might be blocking us from having a better career or life, in general.

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Graduates of 1st Successful Living Summit in Manila

The Successful Living Summit is a three-day personal effectiveness seminar that started in California. Facilitators require participants to attend all three days of training because every exercise is essential to attain personal transformation. It’s like working out: you need gradual training to shape up. Day one is about stretching out your emotions and consciousness. Day two is about working on your core issues. And day three is about reflecting and celebrating becoming a better version of yourself (there’s a graduation ceremony!)

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My awesome teammates during the training

5 Reasons Why the Successful Living Summit is Effective in Transforming Lives

The Successful Living Summit is about the transformation of oneself and when you give your 100% during the training, it will instantly change the way you perceive  life, money, and success. I still feel energized and renewed after the training. Some of the people I’ve met in the event have beautiful stories of their own breakthroughs, too. Here’s why:

5. It is facilitated by a professional.

You know you are in good hands because this three-day summit is facilitated by a professional. John Maxwell Group consultant Ever Miranda has guided us in reaching our personal breakthroughs by engaging an entire group of more than 90 people in effective exercises. He has trained hundreds of people in California, too.

4. It is not a spiritual retreat.

If you are a bit skeptical about attending spiritual retreats, but want something that will help you thrive emotionally and mentally; this is for you. This training will not require you to pray in silence, but prepare your beliefs, inner conversations, and habits to be challenged because there will be a lot of activities that will require you to dig deeper and access past and/or current issues within you that you may or may not even know exist. Either way, you’ll definitely feel lighter after the entire training. This is all about expelling disempowering feelings and habits out of your life for you to flourish.

3. The activities represent real life events.

During the training, we went through activities parallel to real life situations, like working in a group, which revealed our level of dedication, the way we deal with problems, as well as how we communicate with our teammates and leaders. This will give you a chance to re-evaluate yourself.  To settle recurring issues, habits, and beliefs that may be hampering you from moving up the ladder, having healthier relationships, or succeeding in business.

2. It reframes the way you think.

If you have heard or read about the power of positive thinking before, you won’t just learn the concept at the Successful Living Summit; you’ll also be able to practice it during the three days of training. The training will guide you to change the way you think about money, life, relationships, and work. It will teach you the benefits of having positive conversations within yourself and the people around you, as well.

1. You will learn from self-motivated individuals.

There were more than 90 participants who came in and finished the 1st SLS in Manila. Apart from the activities we did, I learned a lot from the people I met and talked to during the summit. There were leaders, business owners, and students who joined; and after the training, there were real friendships and actual businesses formed. As such, I believe this is a great venue for anyone to meet new friends and widen their horizons.

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The 1st Successful Living Summit: Transformational Leadership Training in Manila was held last May 5-7, 2017 at Mariott Hotel, Pasay City. It was produced by Thirdmillenium Projects, Inc. and organized by Event Detailer: Events Management Services.

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