15 Filipino Motivational Speakers You Should Hear

15 Filipino Motivational Speakers You Should Hear


motivate | provide (someone) with a reason for doing something;  cause (someone) to have interest in or enthusiasm for something: 


From the definition of “motivate” alone, we could tell how important it is. Motivation could serve as a stimulus to get great things done. More than that, it could transform our attitude and mindset as we work towards achieving our goals.  

There are some people who are able to do this so effectively, that apart from motivating those around them, they have been called to motivate many others through their talks.  

We rounded up fifteen Filipino motivational speakers making waves locally and internationally to talk about motivation, its source, and how to pass it on. So if you’ve ever wondered what motivates these motivators, you can finally find out!

15.) Anna Oposa

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I’m Anna Oposa, 26 years old, and I graduated from UP-Diliman with a degree in BA English Studies in 2011. Now a writer by profession and marine conservationist by passion. Also a triathlete, yoga practitioner, and advocate of beautiful fonts, local coffee, and social enterprises.

Anna usually talks about environmentalism, marine conservation, social media for social change, love for country, and youth empowerment. “Since these are usually seen as big, intimidating, and serious topics,” she said, “I try to make them relatable and fun (because they are!) but still substantial.” When asked about her source of motivation, she gave an interesting answer: the good and the bad of the Philippines. “I once heard that the only way to live is to be in a perpetual state of disturbed, so I allow myself to be “disturbed” by all the good and bad news. The good news serves as encouragement that we are moving forward, and the bad news provides a reality check that there’s still so, so much more to do.”

 You can follow Anna Oposa on Twitter and Instagram @annaoposa, and her Tumblr account, annaoposa.ph


14.) Josiah Go

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Josiah Go is the Chairman and Chief Marketing Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders Inc , a bestselling author and co-author of 13 books on marketing and entrepreneurship,  a speaker and consultant on marketing for successful and sustainable businesses here and abroad,  and an organizer of various industry-wide advocacies.

Josiah Go usually talks about market-driving strategy,  business model innovation, marketing implementation, and profit strategy. He has also developed his own original frameworks, and makes it a point to share what he knows to others in his blog. This is perhaps because helping others succeed is the driving force that motivates him. He usually shares his failures to people who also feel down and unmotivated, and among the stories that he shared to me was about the time he invested in commodity trading and went backrupt. (He invested all his wedding money without his then fiancee knowing it!) I share my failures because it is through these failures that we can reform, grow and succeed,” he said. 

You could reach Josiah through his blog, www.josiahgo.com, receive daily marketing tips via Twitter @josiahgo and Instgram @josiahgo.


13.) Marla Miniano

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I am the editor in chief of Candy Magazine, the Philippines’ number one teen magazine. I am also the author of several novels for young women under Summit Books, as well as the editor of Tricia Gosingtian’s 150 Style Essentials for Every Girl and Vern and Verniece Enciso’s V&V: A Life and Style Diary. I was a speaker for this year’s DLSU Student Media Congress and the recent Design Her Story conference. I also dabble in poetry and Instagram stalking.

As a speaker, one of the stories that Marla often shares is how being the editor in chief of a teen magazine was her “ultimate dream.” She then tells the story of how she turned that dream into a reality. “It is important to encourage people to look inward, and to emphasize that they already have the necessary capabilities within them; it’s just a matter of using these skills and talents properly and working hard to maximize them…I always make sure it boils down to the audience members getting to know themselves a little bit better, and coming one step closer toward realizing their true passion and potential,” she said. She used wishbones as an illustration. “At a recent talk, I spoke about how wishbones were designed to help birds withstand the rigors of flight, which means birds were basically built to fly. I then explained how the same thing applies to humans: we were made to dream, and we are more than equipped to fulfill those dreams. The very same wishbone metaphor could be used when trying to uplift someone who is feeling down: “Sometimes you get the bigger piece, and sometimes you get the smaller piece. That’s just the way it works. But that doesn’t mean you’re not pulling hard enough, and that you will never get the bigger piece in the future. It’s essential to reassure someone who is feeling unmotivated that yes, there will be bad days, of course, but there will also be good days. The world is never completely good yet it isn’t completely bad, either,” she said.

You can reach Marla at marla@candymag.com, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @marlamini. Her personal blog, where she posts poetry and short prose monthly, can be found at marlaminiano.blogspot.com.


12.) Donald Lim

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I call myself a darkhorse strategist, as I like taking on tough jobs and situations and turning them around. I am a non-techie digital marketing person, learning the digital world on-the-job and the hard way. I enjoy using digital solutions to solve business problems. I like teaching and learning, and I believe that the best way to learn is to teach. I grew up in Binondo, rode on calesas and jeeps, and enjoy the scent of Divisoria, all the while being instilled with the Chinese traditional values of hardwork and discipline.

Donald talks about using the Internet for business and marketing, leadership, personal branding, event management, PR, and business strategies for SMEs. He also talks about CSR and any general field of management. One interesting thing about Donald that he values the rejection letters he received from major companies over his plaques and awards. “They remind me to always be grounded. I keep them so that I can show them to my kids when they grow up,” he explained. He narrated how he showed all these letters to his friend who was having a difficult time getting a job. He want to remind that friend–or anyone who needs motivation– “Our entire life journey would always have ups and downs. Life is about how one lives through both.

” When asked for his source of motivation, Donald shared two sources. “Seeing the people who report to me, and seeing my students and mentees, reach their full potential and surpass me, are my biggest motivations. I also appreciate the simple things in life: time with family and close friends, quiet time with a book, or just driving around to clear my head and think of new things.” His first source of motivation echoes his belief about what life is about in the first place: “I believe that life is always about being an inspiration to others and helping other people succeed.

You could reach Donald at donald@lim.com.ph


11.) Kian Kazemi

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I’m Kian Kazemi – entrepreneur, travel host, actor, adventure seeker, and life enthusiast. Passion fuels my soul to imagine, create, and live. I figured out that the formula for life is:  life = people you meet + the things you create together. I make sure I never forget where I came from and the people that I meet in my journey. I’m persistent, dedicated, spontaneous, resourceful, and focused. I have a never-give-up attitude. 

Apart from that, Kian is also an actor, a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, and the owner of Persia Grill. “I make it a point to simplify my talks since life and business are complex as it is,” he explained. “My inspiration and motivation in life come from my two heroes, my father and mother, who believe that good, old-fashioned hardwork, persistence, love, and focus will always lead to exceptional achievements.” Kian also marvelled on the beauty of imagination. “I am motivated by knowing the power of ideas that our minds can conceive: talking about it with like-minded people, planning strategically, following through, and actualizing the idea.” He talked about the fulfillment he receives as an entrepreneur and as a travel show host. “Seeing the people you help along the way is priceless–as an entrepreneur giving jobs that help people raise there families, as an actor putting smiles and laughter on people’s faces, as a travel show host meeting people from all over the world while exchanging cultures and forging new friendships. These are the things I live for,” he said.  When asked about handling failure, Kian said, “Learn to channel the energy to get back on track towards your dreams and just bounce back stronger. We have to always try to be better than yesterday, grow positively from challenges, and not commit the same mistakes twice.” Kian also shard one of his favorite quotes from Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn: “An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on his way down.”

You could follow Kian @kiankazemi on Instagram, his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/KianIsNoWhere, his restaurant’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/persiagrill, or email him at k.kazemi@yahoo.com.ph