5 Reasons Why Park Bo Gum’s “Good Day” PH Fan Meeting was Actually the “Best Day Ever”

Park Bo Gum recently held his “Good Day” fan meeting in the Philippines at the Mall of Asia Arena. Here are our favorite moments from the show.

Official photo from: Ovation Productions

5. When he randomly showcased his Tagalog skills

Park Bo Gum surprised the crowd when he sang Daniel Padilla’s song “Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat”. His fans even sang along with him! Plus, host Anne Curtis also taught him the word “mabango” [fragrant] while he was designing a diffuser for one lucky fan. Can’t believe that we actually heard him say “mabango” live. 

4. His fan meeting actually felt like a concert instead

Park Bo Gum’s dream before becoming an actor was to be a singer-songwriter. And he definitely showed the crowd that night just how much of a talented singer he is. Some of the songs he sang that night were DAY6’s “I Like You,” his own track “Let’s Go See The Stars” and “My Person”, and more covers.

Performing around 19 songs, his fan meeting was definitely no ordinary fan meet, as the latter part of the show definitely felt like more of a concert!

3. His K-pop dance covers

Park Bo Gum is not just good at singing, he can also dance, showcasing how talented he truly is. Before the night ended, the “Love In The Moonlight” and “Encounter” actor performed TWICE’s “What Is Love?”, SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U”, and BTS’s “Boy With Luv”. He also confessed that BTS member and close friend Taehyung (stage name “V”) taught him some of the steps.

2. His genuine interactions with his fans

Park Bo Gum got to interact with all of his fans, since everyone also got to see him up-close during the hi-touch session. Also, during one of the earlier segments, he asked a fan her name and she even got to write it in front of him, because he wanted to write her name on the diffuser he personally made that night. Plus, he also serenaded the crowd while going around the lower box area and the first floor.

1. His faith shined throughout the show

Park Bo Gum definitely felt free to express his faith with his Filipino fans. The actor sang a worship song after performing a piano version of “I Will Be Here.”

Park Bo Gum concluded his fan meeting with the track “Blessing” by Deul Guk Hwa, a title that fits to be his final song as the actor warmed the hearts of the crowd by continuously greeting everyone with a “God bless you” and “bless you all” before exiting the stage.

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Were you there too? What was your favorite part of the show? Tell us in the comments!


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