5 Reasons Why I always Choose Flytpack 4G Mobile Wifi Whenever I Go Abroad

Flytpack has been a part of my travel essentials since I first tried them out last year. I’m such a happy satisfied user that whenever I go abroad, I always prefer getting a Flytpack 4G mobile wifi over purchasing a local sim in my destination (like what I used to do).

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I noticed that in the past months, I’ve been getting inquiries from friends and readers on why I recommend Flytpack over other local 4G wifi services.  With this, I made this quick list to tell you my personal reasons why I love Flytpack.

5. They deliver right at my doorstep and pick it up after my trip.

Flytpack is so convenient that I don’t even need to go to a physical store just to apply and get my unit. All I have to do is visit their website, book and pay for my rental, then wait for my unit to be delivered in my house before my trip. I recommend you book ahead to avoid any delivery hassles. Aside from that, after you return to Manila, they will also pick-up the unit at your preferred location. Sobrang hassle free!

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4. The battery lasts over a day.

I remember when I went to Japan last Feb for a winter trip, I expected my unit to drain faster than usual due to the cold weather. But no, my Flytpack unit worked normally and was able to post and even do frequent Facebook Live broadcasts. My colleagues were using a different brand, and they were so frustrated because they said their units hardly have signal and it always goes off. Yikes! Good thing I made the right choice!

Oh, before I forget, charging the Flytpack unit is also super quick! No need to wait for long hours. You can conveniently plug it on your powerbank while inside your bag too.

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3. I can share it with up to 5 users

Flypack is also ideal when you travel with a group since 1 Flytpack unit can provide wifi for up to 5 users. Sharing your Flytpack with friends will save you a lot of money as well.

So for example, you and your friends will go on a 5 day trip to Taiwan…. Flytpack’s rate in Taiwan per day is only at P260. Divide it by 5, so that’s only P52 pesos per day…. times 5 days… you got a total of P260 only! Way more affordable than roaming rates right?


2. No more need to reload for more data while abroad

During my recent trip to Catalunya, Spain, I bought a local sim with 5GB for 55 Euros (around P3,000). I opted for 5GB, since the sales staff told me it’ll be sufficient for 7 days. I did this to test and compare if I can get the same convenient service.

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Here’s what I noticed:

Local 4G sim in Spain:

On my 4th day, I already got an SMS telling me that I have consumed my 5GB. And in order for me to continue using it, I have to go to the nearest shop and reload more money for additional data.

I felt disappointed with this local sim brand because I can’t believe my data is all gone on the 4th day only. Parang ang lakas kumain ng data. So in short,  the actual rate per day for that local sim brand was P750, since I only used it for 4 days. In reality, you’ll most likely spend around P6,000 to enjoy 7 days of 4G when you buy a local sim in Europe.  I didn’t bother reloading since it’s too expensive and my itinerary was already full to have the time to find a store.

Flytpack in Europe for 7 days:

For my 7 day trip, I paid P3,500 pesos since the rate per day is P500 for their Europe service. I didn’t worry about data consumption until day 7. I also didn’t need to stress myself in finding a store just to re-load or tap up more data. I was able to stick with our schedule all throughout the trip. No stress talaga, plus I’ve proven that their service is also more affordable compared to buying a 4G sim abroad.

1. I can immediately go online upon landing

You can immediately turn on your Flytpack right after landing to update your friends and loved ones that you have landed safely. Truth is, most of the time, it’s really difficult to connect to airport wifi because they ask you to sign-up online forms in another language. In some cases, it’s really impossible to connect, while some even require you to pay. With Flytpack‘s service, I don’t have to worry about airport wifi connection anymore. I can immediately update my family that I’m A-OK, and I can also contact my assigned hotel pick-up person to inform him/her about my arrival.

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So there you go, my 5 personal reasons why I keep on choosing Flytpack. Hope this helps you on your next out of the country getaway.

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I can truly get to enjoy every moment of my trip thanks to Flytpack!

Visit flytpack.com to reserve your unit now!

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