5 New Restaurants You Must Try in BF Homes, Paranaque

3. Pastry Armoire

Sticky Buns by Chef Anna Chua

Pastry Armoire (Pastry Ar-mwa) is a store for specialty home made, high quality, local products that they aim to distribute. It started as craving for non-commercialized products that are usually made by big multi-million companies. They wanted to showcase local creativity and ingenuity of Filipinos and prove that it can compete with these so called “commercialized products” in the market right now.


They sell gourmet filipino dips from Deep Dips by Chef Arnold which I am obsessed with! They are Quality Gourmet Food using local Philippine ingredients bringing a sophisticated taste to a wider consumer base and longer shelf life.They have all of these crazy flavorful dips that are not just for dipping your crackers in but you can make different dishes with it.

One of our favorites, spicy tinapa in tomato sauce has a subtle flavor with a kick of spicy-ness perfect for al-dente pasta. The tinapa was not overpowering as it usually is. I’m coming back to buy a lot of these as I finished by jar by making all kinds of dishes in a week! Also try their gourmet bagoong with TAMARIND paste. It was awesome! I made thai fried rice with it and used it for binagoongan. The tamarind was such a beautiful blend!

They distribute “Up In The Clouds” which is a small-batch artisanal ice cream brand, specializing in unique and exciting flavors, crafted locally. They are made by a young duo of very passionate, creative, and happy ice cream makers. They love to play and experiment with different ingredients to come up with exciting twists to familiar flavors.  My favorite would be Butterbeer and The Perfect Match-A but I would love to taste all of their flavors as well!

They may be a “take out” store but you can also stay and have coffee or one of their concoctions from their in-store menu like their butterbeer float. They used Up In The Clouds Butterbeer ice cream with SLURP cold brew. Slurp cold brew was the best cold brew I’ve had. It was so smooth and crisp and the acidity tasted very low to none (my observation) which is my favorite kind of coffee.

They also have pastries by Chef Anna Chua. She bakes these unique delectable treats that were creatively made. They have Ube cheesecake, salted caramel opera and our favorite Brownie with leche flan on top!

You can order a boxes of these, perfect for the holidays and for gifts. Instead of just giving the regular cake that we give for someone’s birthday you can have a box of different flavored cakes! They accept bulk orders or pre-ordered goodies but make sure to call ahead. I’m giving these away to my family, friends and office-mates for Christmas.


You can also order their sticky buns (top photo) they have a lot of different and unique flavors like Reggiano (Parmesan sticky bun) which was my favorite. It felt like a dense ensaymada with a sweet-salty taste. You can also go for their chocolate
Tipsy (Bourbon) Bacon, Nutella and their new flavor: spicy peanut butter.


Pastry Armoire
Unit 7, BLK 62 lot 3 El Grande Ave cor Florence st
,BF Homes Parañaque
0947 865 8634

2.  Big Daddy Jay’s

Their original store which is up north in Cubao gave birth to this smoking barbeque place. It started when a close group of people, led by Jay, who is an American from South Carolina, conceptualized recipes and technique for legit southern style american barbeque. Jay taught his wife and in laws how to barbeque ribs and other meat like brisket and even chicken.


Their space in BF Homes (which is right next to Outre & in front of Tous Les Jours) is very spacious and is good for families having lunch and dinner.


This is their pride and joy: BBQ Ribs which is “Hugged by Smoke, Licked by Fire, Kissed by Sauce” as their tagline goes. My friends were asking me if I’ve ever tried Big Daddy Jay’s as it just opened here in BF but when I said I haven’t they went on and on about their ribs. Which I highly understand why now.

I asked if this was traditional Texan BBQ Ribs (What I normally ask BBQ lovers) but they explained that Texan BBQ is beef unlike the BBQ they have in South Carolina which is pork and their difference with their ribs is that with other places they would choose the sexy cut of a rib and they would intentionally choose big slabs with fat on them (BEST PART) Have you finished staring at the photo above of the ribs? :O

Aside from Ribs they also have Brisket, be sure to eat them right away as Brisket really does tend to become dry. You can slather on some sauce to your liking as well. They also have wings which I was skeptical to try as I’ve been having some bad wing experiences lately. I recently retired by favorite wing place in BF as I hated their service and was venturing off to find a better place for wings around the neighborhood and Big Daddy Jay’s wings were surprisingly good! I was surprised because usually meat places don’t serve good poultry but they do! Please try their wings with Mango sauce and even the coconut coated one, I never imagined I would like it but it’s my favorite flavor of their wings.

You can also add sides to your liking like butter rice, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, baked potatoes and vegetables.

Big Daddy Jay’s
169 Aguirre Ave, Bf Homes Paranaque

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