5 New Restaurants You Must Try in BF Homes, Paranaque

1. Fat Butchick’s


If you’re from BF Homes, you’ve probably drove by El Grande Ave and saw these lanterns and wondered what it was. It looks pretty chill. Well, it is. Located near djakarta gate (ground floor is the new Pan De Manila) it’s not that difficult to find Fat Butchick’s


Their pride and joy is their home made liempo which was by far the best liempo I’ve had in my life! I don’t normally go for the thin cuts of liempo that you get from bars, this is my kind of liempo, the big chunky ones and the side of over roasted garlic was DIVINE. I was so into the their side of garlic that I wanted to have  second serving, and you can! Don’t ever leave Fat Butchick’s without trying their liempo.


Second best on their menu is their chicken. It feels so humble and the serving proportion was quite generous! I’m not the biggest fan of poultry but this was Butch told me that there are days when he didn’t want to order a certain type of meat because the quality or the size proportions were not up to his standards and he really makes it known that his ingredients are fresh and up to his standards.


Wash it down with some ice cold beer (they also have japanese beer) or a big glass of their home made iced tea.
fatbutchicksP1010082_batchTheir menu is very straight forward and simple. Aside from the others mentioned they also have hungarian sausage, pizza dip which is a pizza sauce & mozarella baked in a dish served with bread on the side for dipping and they also have burgers. You get 2 sliders in 1 order of the burger which is really sulit.


I have a vast fascination and emotional attachment to roof decks. I think I enjoyed Fat Butchick’s because it’s what I believe the south is about: Chill, Good Vibes, Good Music, Cold beers & Very good food. You should really check it out.


Fat Butchick’s Roof deck & Resto
346 El Grande Street, BF HomesParañaque
0917 569 9244

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