5 New Pasalubong Must Haves from Baguio City

When in Baguio and tired of bringing home the same old pasalubongs over and over, here are 5 yummy items which I’m sure your loved ones at home will truly enjoy!

5. Carrot Cake Muffins topped with fresh Strawberries & Cream at Azalea Hotel

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I may not be a fan of muffins, but these little guys are truly to-die-for! They also have a chocolate version but for me, this one is outstanding and very affordable too! I remember bringing at least 4 boxes of these last time I stayed at Azalea Hotel Baguio.

4. Apple Pie from Green Pepper at Ketchup Food Community (beside Wright Park)

Baguio Cookout Baguio City Mae Ilagan (3 of 13)

This is by far the only Apple Pie that I actually eat! The other ones I’ve tasted so far, were either too sweet or had  problems with its crust. This one is indeed exceptional. Not too sweet and as for the crust, they simply nailed it! A whole piece is worth around P1,200 and should be ordered at least a day before pick-up. Really worth bringing home!

3. Cashew Brittle at The Manor at Camp John Hay


I’m a sucker for nuts and like most of us, I also used to hoard Baguio peanut brittle before going home. It all changed however, when I stayed at The Manor. Their Cashew Brittle that’s available in their room mini bar is super addicting! Only P140/bottle. Guests are going gaga over it I swear!

2. Craft Beers from Baguio Craft Brewery  (along Marcos Highway www.baguiocraftbrewery.com)

Baguio Craft Brewery Mae Ilagan When In Manila Craft Beer (86 of 91)

Sa wakas!! The ONLY BEER I drink is now available in can!

Here in Manila, I rarely drink beer… not that I don’t like it, but mainly because I think most beers here taste horrendous! lols Pardon my being blunt but this is my personal opinion. In all the craft beers I’ve tasted, the beers at Baguio Craft Brewery are the only ones which I find acceptable to my palate. They have a wide variety of flavors suited for every personality. Art in liquid form.

My favorite? I love their Message in a Bottle and their ZIGZAGGER! Gegewang ka talaga after! lols  If you wanna impress your drinking buddies, take these home with you!

Baguio Craft Brewery Mae Ilagan When In Manila Craft Beer (27 of 91)

1. Boxes of the Best Pizza in the land by Amare la Cucina (inside Al Bergo Hotel near Wright Park)

Amare La Cucina Pizza Baguio City Mae Ilagan (1 of 13)

After tasting the pizzas as Amare La Cucina 2 years ago, I’ve never tasted anything as good. There’s something about it that ignites the senses, leaving you yearning for more. Personally, I think it’s all in the dough, and that woody burnt aroma that’s irresistibly inviting. Believe it or not, this is one of the major reasons why I keep coming back to Baguio City! Now, I’m really glad that they finally have these durable boxes that will ensure your pizzas will stay in perfect shape even when you take them home in Manila!

Nothing like food that’s made with pure passion and love!


Got more recommendations? Feel free to write your comments below so I can check them out on my next Baguio adventure!

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5 New Pasalubong Must Haves from Baguio City

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