5 Must Try Restaurants in the Metro for Your Cravings



An authentic Spanish restaurant in the heart of BGC (specifically High Street Central), this place screams passion and art, which is also what I got to taste in their food.



One of the must-try dishes here is their Del Señorito Paella, which is served steaming and al dente; the whole place wafting with flavors of the different spices and of seafood that accompanies the paella.


Alongside that, you might want to check out Lengua Frita, which is deep fried Angus Ox tongue, coated in bechamel with Tartar Sauce on the side. This felt to me like a spanish version of a Katsu, and is quite the eye opener on what a lengua can be aside from the usual saucy dishes that we usually get.




Loving mom’s or lola’s cooking? Well, Serye in Santana Grove, Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Parañaque doesn’t want to compete with that. BUT they do say they are a close second to your own mom’s cooking with their traditional pinoy comfort food. Hell, even the place feels like an old Illustrado’s house that’s been lost in the city, with the jalousie windows and the floor patterns.



But on to the food. They have quite a lot of dishes to be proud for, as they serve our famous Pinoy dishes in a no-nonsense way. My favorites are the Binagoongang Lechon Kawali, with the veggies served separately. The taste is amazingseriously just like how my mom used to make it!


The Boneless Crispy Pata is also another winner! You can eat with as much gusto as you want. Enjoy the crispy and delectable skin and tender meat without working against the bonecause it’s boneless, man! On a scale of 1-5, I’d give this one 4.8 out of 5. 😉




Ending this post with desserts in mind, I’d go for Sugarhouse in Glorietta 3, Makati when you want to get yourself a little something sweet. Or some mad sugar rush 😉


Some of their best desserts are the following:


Honey Cake. Think light, vanilla chiffon cake and surprisingly unsweet buttercream icing, enhanced with the covering of delectable and crunchy honey crunch bits sprinkled all throughout the cake. It’s perfect with a cup of their iced or hot coffee.


Blueberry Cheesecake. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of cheesecakes, as I love the thing to bits. What sets Sugarhouse apart from the rest though is the generous amount of actual blueberry they topped their cheesecake with. It’s not overly sweet though. It’s just right. I suggest that you eat it at the restaurant though rather than having it for to go because it’s best served chilled.


These places are not just great for satisfying your cravings, they’re also great places to spend special occasions like Mother’s day or birthdays! These restaurants are giving 25% off when you dine there or get some grub to go, and use your Citi Credit Card or Citibank Debit Card. The offer is valid until May 31, 2016.