5 Most Annoying Things You’ll See Before Your Movie in the Philippines

5 Most Annoying Things You’ll See Before Your Movie in the Philippines

My favorite part about going to see a movie, actually has nothing to do with the movie at all. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a fan of watching movie trailers at the beginning of movies.

For some reason, movie trailers will never let you down! No matter how much a movie might suck, the movie trailer will have your heart pounding and your anticipation levels through the roof as you hear about and watch trailers for upcoming big movies!

I’ve always made it a point to arrive 30 minutes before a movie, to make sure I catch the upcoming movie trailers!

BUT…… that was then. Sadly, we’re now bombarded with these other commercials and ads that tend to be a bit annoying, especially after seeing them the umpteenth time.

So here is our list of the 5 most annoying things you’ll have to watch before your movie here in the Philippines:

5 Annoying Things Before Movies in the Philippines

5. The overproduced celebrity portfolio of big TV stations, masked as a national anthem video.

Don’t get us wrong. we love the Philippines and respect the national anthem fully. It’s just that these overproduced celebrity portfolio videos make you wonder if they’re really promoting the Philippines, or their lineup of celebrity endorsers. Check out the Lupang Hinirang national anthem videos / talent portfolios of ABS CBN and GMA below which sometimes play during the first full movie or during big movie premiers (or for some movie theaters, before each movie time slot):

 ABS-CBN’s Lupang Hinirang


4. Commercials and more commercials

Back in the day, there were no ads played at movie theaters, other than the trailers for upcoming movies. But now, advertisers and brands have found ways to catch you whenever you have a spare second of attentiveness, like say when you’re in front of a big giant screen waiting for a movie you paid P200 to see!

Here’s some of the regulars I see nowadays, ads for the land development or corporation of the specific movie theater you are in.

 Robinsons Land Corporation – Your Dreams. Our Foundation. 

 SM Cinema Ad / Project SINE 60s 

 3. That really long cinema courtesy and anti-camcording ad.

I honestly don’t think a this commercial with a comedic tone would scare people away from recording the movie, especially if they already had that intention or if they are in that line of illegal work.

Proof of that is this recorded video of that ad saying you should not record videos in the movie theater.

 “Malabo ‘Yan” Anti-Camcording Ad Starring Randy Santiago and John Estrada 

2. That MTRCB film ratings infomercial.

I also understand what they’re trying to do here with informing the public of different film ratings…. but it might be a bit too late to tell little suzy that the R-18 movie they’re about to play isn’t for her, if she’s already in the movie theater. And this ad just gets WAAAAY OLD after a while.

Oh but the #MANYAKTATAY #ALAMNA meme from this about that “R-18 sana” line from the dad is super funny!

Most Annoying Things Before Movies in the Philippines WhenInManila

 Photo meme shared online. No original source could be found.

 The MTRCB Film Ratings Infomercial 

1. And right before the movie, the most annoying thing is not knowing when the studio logos end, and the movie actually starts! See Peter Griffin of Family Guy try to tackle the same problem below:

 Peter Griffin talking about movie studio logos being deceptive

And there you have it! The 5 most annoying things you’ll see before your movie here in the Philippines!

Here’s a call to movie theaters to play more movie trailers and less annoying ads!

Share this and let’s get their attention! 😉

5 Most Annoying Things You’ll See Before Your Movie in the Philippines