5 Life Lessons I’ve learned from Playing Golf

Golf is a sport commonly associated with elite people. But, what we’ve witnessed last week, was more than just a social gathering or tournament. It was also a celebration of friendship in and out the Business Process Outsourcing industries. In short, nothing fancy just pure fun and friendship!

vxi joins the 2nd indian golf tournament

Thank you very much VXI Team for inviting us!

We had a great time, especially driving a golf cart! 🙂 LOL.

Last week, my buddy and I were privileged to attend the 2nd Indian Independence Day Friendship Golf Tournament.

VXI joins 2nd indian golf tournament

The event was held at The Orchard Golf and Country Club in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

Top golfers attended the tournament from other BPO and Telco industries such as Globe, Smart, Accenture, Hinduja, just to name a few.

vxi joins 2nd indian independence

Admittedly, I only know a few rules and policies when playing golf. I even thought the game would be lifted, as it was gloomy and raining. However, when I spoke to one of the players, the weather is just one of the challenges in playing golf. Therefore, the only way to stop the game if it’s flooding and/or lightning.

vxi joins 2nd international golf tournament

Surprisingly enough, the tournament must go on. According to the golf experts present at the tournament, each player was given 18 holes.

Furthermore, a player must be knowledgeable in terms of equipment he has to use, etc.

In fact, there are so many rules with so many different kinds of clubs. And then the terms: birdies, bogeys, and bump-and-runs. 

vxi joins 2nd indian golf tournament

They were also part of the 2nd Indian Independence Day Friendship Golf Tournament.

Whilst driving the golf cart and by looking at the players, I reckoned the sport could give valuable life lessons as well. Allow me to share with you the five life lessons I’ve learned while playing golf.

5 Life Lessons I’ve learned from Playing Golf

5. You learn how to listen and be quiet

Just like Yoga, playing golf teaches you to be calm. In fact, one of the rules is to maintain silence and distance from the player. The players need to focus and away from distractions.

2nd indian independence golf orchard

In color psychology, the green surrounding, like grass and trees, helps you regain and reenergize your body and mind.

4. You learn humility

Playing golf teaches you to be courteous and communicate with respect. Win or lose you got to stay humble and express sportsmanship.

vxi joins 2nd indian golf tournament

Mr. Anant Singh, VP for Operations of VXI Global Holdings was the Overall Champion, Class A Winner, and received the special award of Maximum Birdies. Way to go, Mr. Anant! Such a humble a jolly person. Moreover, he also competes here and abroad.

3. You learn focus

Playing golf requires the ability to ignore distractions. For example, Tiger Wood’s focus is legendary. In an article written by Dr. Bob Rotella of Golfdigest.com, he explained that our muscles don’t have the capacity to remember anything. Therefore, regardless if you train how to swing hard or what putting skill to use, without proper focusing, your training is useless.

vxi golf

Luckily, Mr. Jovy Llanes, VXI’s Vice-President for Human Resource, was kind enough to welcome us in-between shots.

2. You learn honesty and practice integrity

Unlike other sports that have referees, judges, playing golf doesn’t have one. The player keeps and knows his scores by heart. Player gauges their scores on how many shots it took them to get it in the hole.

1. You learn patience

And just like the saying goes, patience is a virtue, in life and in golf. Usually, golfers have their rituals before playing. They give time reassessing the distance of the ball, their positioning, etc. In playing golf, you cannot be in a hurry. Your winning shot depends on your skills and how patient you are.

It was Bobby Jones, an American amateur golfer, who said: “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life.” Indeed, playing golf may look easy and elite, but it is a game that requires confidence and competence.

How about you, do you know how to play golf? Have you got any tips to share?

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