FIVE Amazing Benefits of Yoga – Off the Mat, for Real L!FE



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If the increasing popularity of newly opened yoga studios around the metro are any indication, it’s undeniable that more and more people are taking their fitness regimen to the mat. Better believe the hype people, because yoga DOES effectively deliver a range of benefits for overall health! Whether it be the physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional; constant yoga practice is guaranteed to change various aspects of your life.


I have personally experienced this after only about 3-4 months of practice. And it is these changes I’ve encountered within me that draw me back to the mat every time. Let me share with you five of these amazing yoga benefits I’ve gained off the mat, in real life.



Yoga helps you focus

Upon joining class, you are asked to leave behind all things that distract or serve no purpose for your session. Training myself to focus only on the things that matter during class, such as my breathing, my personal intention, or how my body is aligned, is great practice in silencing the chatter of the million thoughts running through my head. Since I’ve started, I’ve found it easier to concentrate at work and direct my attention solely on the task at hand.



Yoga helps you de-stress and relax

One of the fundamental aspects of yoga practice is maintaining slow, deep and steady breaths. Being mindful of my breathing during class has taught me to calm my nerves and manage stressful situations at work and at home. Now, whenever I get anxious or nervous, I simply draw my attention to breathing slowly and deeply. It really does make all the difference.



Yoga helps you stay healthy

I say healthy as an all-encompassing term because yoga offers countless benefits for your body. Continued practice have been proven to lower blood pressure and blood sugar, improve sleep, boost immunity, increase bone and muscle strength, among others. Poses such as forward/back bends and up/down dogs strengthen back and arm muscles, decreasing the risk of arthritis and muscle aches in the future.



Yoga helps you lose weight and keep it off

All that sweating during an intense yoga class is a great way to detoxify the body, and does wonders for boosting metabolism and bowel movement. As I continue with my practice, my commitment to taking care of my body has even become great founding motivation to shift to and maintain a healthier diet.



Yoga helps you love yourself more

What I love about Yoga is that it is a very personal experience. Each class begins with setting an intention to direct your focus and devote your practice to, and ends with gratitude for your efforts and of those around you. It’s largely about loving and respecting your body, its capabilities, its limitations, and its potential. I like to think of this as the most fulfilling part of the practice.




Do you practice yoga as well? How has it changed you? Let us know in the comments! See you on the mat!



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