5 Fun Facts About Son Ye-Jin’s Smart Commercial

Two months ago, Smart wowed us with a Hyun Bin commercial; and yesterday, we speculated that Hyun Bin’s leading lady in ‘Crash Landing on You’, Son Ye-jin, might be Smart’s newest endorser. Well, it turns out we were totally right!

We just came off of an online press conference with the Philippine telco company (where Ye-jin herself even made an online appearance!), and here are some things we learned about her new action-packed commercial:

5 Fun Facts About Son Ye-Jin’s New Smart Commercial

5. She was the perfect choice for the brand.

Alfredo Panlilio, President of Smart Communications, Inc, says they tapped Ye-jin because of her popularity with Hyun Bin and ‘Crash Landing on You’. “She was the perfect choice because of that; but at the same time, she’s perfect because she’s really very accomplished. She made her mark. She’s very empowered, genuine, and confident yet also very simple in her ways. The brand promise ‘Simple. Smart ako.’ fits her very well,” he shares.

4. She was chosen because of the many fan requests.

In the press conference for Hyun Bin’s Smart commercial, Smart told us that they didn’t want Hyun Bin to be too lonely. This was picked up by the press and the fans, and Jane Basas, Head Senior VP, Consumer Business Wireless at Smart Communications, Inc. says they knew they had to get her because of the reaction to that statement and to make the fans happy. “We’re really lucky that she really represents the essence of the Smart Signature brand,” she says, sharing that they signed her at the end of June and finalized the storyboard in July for her campaign. So it turns out getting both Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri wasn’t planned beforehand at all. It was really a response to fans wanting to see her! We love that Smart listened to our pleas!

3. She did the entire voiceover of the commercial herself.

During the press launch for Hyun Bin’s ad, it was shared that Hyun Bin had some difficulties with the voiceover since it was completely in English, so they had to choose certain words for him to say in the commercial instead. Ye-jin, who is known to be more fluent in the language, asked to see the storyboards beforehand in order to check if she could do the voiceover herself. And she did! The entire commercial’s voiceover was done by Ye-jin herself. Alfred also shares that she was very warm when she got in front of the camera. “She’s really a very nice person and very, very professional,” he adds.

(Note: Some edits were made in this paragraph and we would like to note that no comparisons were made between Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin during the press launch.)

2. She loved the motorcycle scene.

People have been raving about the motorcycle scene all day. Jane says that the character that Ye-jin portrayed in the commercial is a very strong woman and it seems like she loved the Ducati as much as her fans do. In fact, two days after the shoot, Ye-jin unexpectedly posted an Instagram video on her account. So, as much as Smart wanted to keep this confidential, she simply couldn’t resist posting about it right away.

1. She trusts Smart because Hyun Bin trusts Smart.

Smart shares that Ye-jin already knew Smart through Hyun Bin and decided to trust the brand because Hyun Bin trusted the brand.

Jane also shares that Ye-jin is extremely excited to meet her Filipino fans. “If we had the chance to bring her here, a bunch of Filipinos are sure to be happy,” Jane points out.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, you may watch Ye-jin’s Smart commercial here:


Son Ye-Jin officially joins the family with #SmartSignature as we continue to deliver world-class entertainment to Filipinos. #MakeYourMark


Posted by Smart Communications, Inc. on Monday, August 3, 2020

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