Is Son Ye-jin SMART’s Newest Brand Endorser?

Okay, so… we all know by now that local telecommunications brand Smart Communicatons, Inc. tapped Hyun Bin to be their newest (and first Korean star) endorser. (Read some fun facts about Hyun Bin’s partnership with Smart here.)

Well, a few hours ago, Smart posted a teaser video for their next ad and I’m sorry, but IS THAT SON YE-JIN WE SEE?!?? Watch the teaser here:


I mean, it must be, right? It says ‘Rivealing soon’ (emphasis on ‘Ri’ for Yoon Se-ri, her character name in the much-loved Korean drama ‘Crash Landing on You’). And the hashtag is ‘SeRiouslySmart’, emphasis once again on SeRi. Add to that the fact that during a press conference that we attended with Smart for the Hyun Bin partnership, they mentioned that they plan on adding more Korean stars to their roster because Captain Ri would be lonely otherwise!!!

That’s not all, either. Our smart (pun intended) and eagle-eyed friend and fellow K-Drama lover Desa Tayting also pointed out one of Son Ye-jin’s latest Instagram posts seems to be shot at a place that looks puh-retty similar to the ad above. In it, she gets on a motorcycle, and she looks pretty bad-ass. Check it out:


What do you think? Is it safe to get excited yet? Does that mean that she and Hyun Bin will be visiting the Philippines together when the pandemic is over??!? Because we know Hyun Bin already has those plans up his sleeve! (Read more about that here.)

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