6 Fun Facts About Hyun Bin’s Partnership with PH Telco

Hyun Bin is one of the biggest Korean drama stars that Filipinos are crazy about. ‘Crash Landing on You’ got some massive hype in our country and people can’t seem to get enough of him. As such, it really isn’t surprising that PH telco Smart decided to tap him as their latest (and first international!) endorser.

In case you haven’t seen what went on behind the scenes of the commercial yet, watch this:


Jane Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart, is actually a fan of Hyun Bin. She points out that the ‘Hyun Bin Phenomenon’ is pretty much due to digital technology. Filipinos have developed the craze because they are able to stream his shows, hear the buzz about him online, share their excitement with their friends, and interact with him on social media. “This makes him a perfect ambassador for Smart as we empower Filipinos with technological solutions made easy so they can enrich their daily life and pursue their passions,” Jane says.

6 Fun Facts About Hyun Bin’s Partnership with PH Telco

6. Hyun Bin has a 1-year partnership with SMART.

Jane shares that Hyun Bin can talk about Smart’s offerings well. That aside, though, the delight that he gives fans has made him a priceless investment for the company.

5. The commercial was completed thanks to technology.

As you can see in the BTS video, everything was coordinated online. As much as the crew wanted to fly to Korea to be there in the flesh to shoot the commercial, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented this from happening. Thanks to technology, though, and the understanding and patience of the entire crew; the commercial was completed on time for its June launch.

4. Hyun Bin was supposed to do the entire voiceover of the commercial.

The Smart team shares that everyone was so easy to work with, especially Hyun Bin. They told us that Hyun Bin was actually supposed to do the entire voiceover of the commercial, but was having trouble doing so because it was all in English. They then worked with him to figure out which phrases he could say, and that’s what we see in the commercial today.

3. A second commercial with Hyun Bin is coming.

Before the commercial was actually aired on June 1, someone had leaked it in various Korean fan groups. The telco team wasn’t too bothered by it, though. If anything, this was proof of how big of a deal Hyun Bin really is in the country. Besides, there’s a second commercial with Hyun Bin coming. 😉

2. Hyun Bin will be coming to Manila soon.

Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it isn’t possible to set a date on this yet. Hyun Bin was originally set to have three events with our local telco, but they will obviously still need to work out how this will work. “Filipinos are some of the warmest fans in the world, and I am thankful to Smart for giving me a way to reach out to everyone in the Philippines. Indeed, Smart has brought us closer than ever,” says Hyun Bin.

1. You can get your hands on Hyun Bin merchandise.

Smart subscribers who are Hyun Bin fans will have even more to look forward to as they roll out Hyun Bin merchandise, like pillows and even a life-sized 6’1″ standee! They told us that Hyun Bin even signed the jackets that he wore in the commercial and sent them over, and we can only hope that they raffle those out to lucky fans, too. :p

As for whether Smart has plans to tap more Korean stars for their company, they say they would definitely be interested in doing this since “Captain Ri would be lonely” otherwise.

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