5 Common Food Items That You Should Keep Away from Your Pets

For many people, we treat our pets like our children, and we will do anything to keep them safe.

But during the rainy season, our pets are spending more time indoors. That would also mean that they could get bored and end up rummaging through your cabinets or even find food that may be toxic to them.

Here are some common household foods that your furry babies should stay away from.

Caffeinated drinks

As hoomans spend more time at home, we are usually powered by coffee, but did you know that our favorite caffeinated drink is harmful to your pets? These can range from coffee, tea, sports drinks, and soda.


Though our favorite cup of coffee doesn’t affect our bodies too much, the caffeine content in these drinks can raise the blood pressure of our pets. It can also affect their tummies which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Other items that contain caffeine are different medicines like pain relievers, diet pills, and many more.


Our dogs’ sense of smell is more sensitive than humans’ so hovering as we cook in the kitchen is expected. Though onions could seem harmless (except for when they make us cry), each part of an onion is toxic to dogs. Onions contain N-propyl disulfide which causes the breakdown of red blood cells.


Aside from fresh onions, onion and garlic powders are toxic to dogs because they are more potent in powder form.

Grapes and raisins

Though small, grapes and raisins are considered highly toxic to dogs. Ingesting this fruit can cause sudden kidney failure.



Most dog owners know that chocolates are poisonous to dogs, yet these are commonly ingested often resulting in a quick visit to the vet. Whilst milk chocolates are the most accidentally consumed type, dark chocolates are more potent because of the concentration of Theobromine.


Chocolate poisoning symptoms may appear from hours to days after ingestion. It is important to know the volume amount that your pet took. This will help the vet with their diagnosis and the right treatment plan.


We can have a little drink or two, but our furry babies can’t. Any type of alcohol, whether the ones with lower alcohol content can be dangerous for your dogs.


Even small amounts of alcohol can be toxic so it’s important to keep the bubbly away from them, especially during parties. These drinks can cause them to act “drunk”, but it is actually their central nervous system being impaired. It can also cause dogs to have higher acidity levels and excessively low blood sugar.

There are many toxic food items that can be dangerous to dogs so it’s important to keep our veterinarian close by. Vet bills can be expensive, but not to worry, we discovered a health plan for your pets!

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Life by Petto is the first app-based, pet health plan. Just like the health plans for humans, Life by Petto takes care of the basic health and wellness services that your dogs and cats may need. Plans start at Php1,200 per month and cover vaccinations, check-ups, laboratory tests like x-ray, blood test, MRIs, urinalysis, etc.  It also covers accidents and common illnesses with coverage of Php100,000/year.

The Life by Petto app is available on google play and the apple store.

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