LOOK: We Found 5 Plants for Every Beginner Halamamsir

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Plantita, plantito, plaunt… and the recently dubbed halamamsir. Just as the nicknames keep growing, so do the number of plant lovers in our midst. And if you’re a budding plantita like me, it only makes sense to start out with beginner plants. Those that are easy to take care of (and hopefully hard to kill), so to speak.

To be honest, I first thought that I wasn’t cut out to be a plantita. Herbs were finicky—that much I was sure of—but I’ve even killed supposedly low-maintenance plants like aloe vera or a cactus. And that says a lot. We called it the “touch of death” or having a “black thumb”, which quickly became a running joke in my family.

Nevertheless, I decided to give it a shot once more this pandemic because one, I wanted to keep busy somehow, and two, because plants do spruce up a home. And admittedly, plants make great accents for my photos, too.

Beginner Plant Listicle Unbeleafable Pea Pot 4

From Left to Right: Plants from The Pea Pot and from Unbeleafable PH

My New Source of Indoor Plants

My growing collection of plants comes from two thriving Instagram shops: Unbeleafable PH and The Pea Pot. The former specializes in selling indoor plants, which include tabletop plants, hanging plants, and air purifying plants, among others.

With a mission of bringing a pot of nature to every home while being environmentally conscious and friendly, Unbeleafable PH uses eco cocopots for its plants. Compared to the conventional plastic pots, cocopots are made of coco fiber and bound together with a latex solution. These can be transferred directly to the soil, along with the pot, since it’s biodegradable.

“A lot of our plants are first-time plant parents friendly,” Stephy, one of the founders of Unbeleafable explained in an interview with When in Manila. “Many of them excluding the calatheas, caladiums, and herbs, as per our catalog, are super easy to care for. Many of our easy to care plants work well in low to medium settings, and require watering at least once a week— or whenever the soil is merely dry.”
Beginner Plant Listicle Unbeleafable Pea Pot 8

From Left to Right: Golden Pothos, Scarlet Star Bromeliad, and Dwarf Whale Fin

On the other hand, The Pea Pot is a Valenzuela-based online shop that offers carefully handpicked ornamental plants. With the motto of “fusing art and life,” The Pea Pot offers indoor plants in crafted pots that are locally made by the store’s talented potters. These include terracotta pots painted in bright colors—with flowers or the kind that’s made to look like ice cream—along with cute people-shaped busts or even breast-shaped small pots.

And if you want something classy, the shop even offers themed collections, such as this Under the Sea series, which features a glass jar and a coral to hold the air plant in place.

Beginner Plant Listicle Unbeleafable Pea Pot 5

From Left to Right: Ionantha Rubra and Hoya Kerrii

“I tried something that I can really offer to beginners. Sad kasi minsan na nadidiscourage mag alaga ng plants ung mga tao where in the first place naman, mail (o kulang) yung na recommend or care guide to start with,” Pauline Gonida, the owner of The Pea Pot, said.

[Rough Translation: I tried selling plants that I can really offer to beginners. It’s sad since sometimes, people are discouraged to take care of plants when in the first place, the care guide is wrong or lacking.]

5 Plants That Are Unbeleafably Easy to Take Care of

Not sure how to take care of these plants? Both Unbeleafable PH and The Pea Pot include a comprehensive care guide with their plants. Plus, both sellers are very much open to messages and inquiries—much like an on-call plant doctor, so to speak. Ranked in no particular order, these are the plants that I’m currently taking care of.

5. Scarlet Star Bromeliad

Beginner Plant Listicle Unbeleafable Pea Pot 7

Looking for a medium-sized plant for the house? The Scarlet Star Bromeliad is a plant for beginners that grows from 9 to 11 inches high. It’s a pet-friendly plant that doesn’t need too much water. Just water twice a week or when the topsoil is dry and expose it to bright, indirect light. (Disclaimer: the clay pot comes with an additional fee, but includes a clay plate with it.)

4. Golden Pothos

Beginner Plant Listicle Unbeleafable Pea Pot 6

If you’re the type who overwaters your plant or forgets to water it, the Golden Pothos, or the Epipremnum Aureum, is for you. This versatile plant can not only survive bouts of overwatering or underwatering, but it can also thrive even in the most pitch-black areas. Plus, it propagates easily, which means that you can share it with fellow plant lovers. Just water once a week and leave it in either low, medium, or bright but indirect sunlight. (Disclaimer: the clay plate comes separately.)

3. Dwarf Whale Fin

Beginner Plant Listicle Unbeleafable Pea Pot 2

One of my favorites! The Dwarf Whale Fin is part of the Sansevieria family, which is known for being very low maintenance. It can tolerate low light settings, which means you can put it in the darker parts of your house. Just water once a week, and you’re good to go! The plant, after all, likes to grow in soil that dries out fairly quickly in between watering.

2. Hoya Kerrii

Beginner Plant Listicle Unbeleafable Pea Pot 3

A cute heart-shaped succulent, the Hoya Kerrii just loves the sun! This table top plant is a single leaf cutting that stands at around 2 to 3 inches. Place it in an area where it could receive at least 5 hours of sun daily and just water when the soil mix is dry. Usually, that’s once a week or twice if the weather’s especially hot.

1. Ionantha Rubra

Beginner Plant Listicle Unbeleafable Pea Pot 1

Other than looking aesthetically pleasing with its Under the Sea theme—coral holder, 7-inch glass jar, and all—this air plant does not require soil like most plants. A part of the Ionantha Airplant family, the Ionantha Rubra is very beginner-friendly and low maintenance. Just mist it daily with purified water and soak it for 10 minutes once a week. Allow the water to completely drip out first before placing it back to its jar, and make sure not to put it under direct sunlight.

How to Order

Currently, Unbeleafable PH has ongoing promos, such as a Buy 3, Get 1 Plant for Free deal for those who want to build their collection or give plants to friends and family. In addition, the store offers a Plantuta Package, which features pet-friendly beginner plants for furparents, along with a Plant your Dibs deal, where they posts cheap plants on their IG story and the first user who calls dibs on a plant can get it. Just remember to get your orders in before Friday at 9AM, since that is their cut-off schedule. Expect your plants to be personally delivered during weekends, especially for those around Metro Manila and Cavite.

On the other hand, The Pea Pot has an ongoing Holiday Plant sale, where they are selling crowd favourites at a discounted price from November 30 to December 6, 2020. These include the Green Minded Pots in Army Green and Classic Matte Black at PHP 250 each instead of PHP 320 or the Ceramic Pots at PHP 149 instead of PHP 199 each! Conversely, a set would cost 596php only. For more available pots and plants, you can visit The Pea Pot’s social media accounts, as they will be dropping new products from time to time.

Unbeleafable PH

Website: http://unbeleafable.ph/

Instagram: @unbeleafable.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unbeleafable.ph

The Pea Pot

Instagram: @thepeapot

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepeapot/

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What are other beginner plants that should have made it to the list?

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