5 Apps That Can Help You Keep Pace

Words by Clarissa Li and Zoie Sy

Graphics by Zoie Sy

Focusing is essential, especially in the fast-paced world we live in today. What better way to achieve that zen and productivity than some apps you can simply download right on your phone? Here are 5 apps that you can use to help you keep pace in your everyday.

5. Eggzy

If you love cute animals, this app is for you! Eggzy rewards you with an animal after you finish your tasks. The app requires you to place your phone faced down so it can sense whether you’re looking at your phone during the time that you need to focus. Once you hold and look at your phone, you will lose the progress you’ve gotten to hatch an animal. However, if you end up completing your task in the time set, you can get an animal as your prize!

4. Flora

Flora makes you focus while helping the environment! The app allows you to set a time duration for you to get off your phone and do your work. You can also choose to donate a certain amount of money in case you fail to resist the temptation of the notifications coming from your phone. Whenever you complete the time duration without using your phone, you can grow your own garden with the trees you’ve planted! If you and your friends want to focus together, there’s also an option for that. Just join each other’s rooms and be productive together!

3. Lightdogs

Focus and get cute dogs as a reward! Lightdogs makes work exciting and fun, especially when you get to collect some cute puppers after you finish what you have to do. You can choose a time duration to generate joules that you can use to hatch the eggs containing the cute puppies! The more joules you collect by focusing, the more dogs you get to collect and grow too!

2. Lumosity Mind

This app aims to train your brain through everyday mind exercises that help enhance not only your focus, but also your calmness, happiness, sleep, anxiety, and many more. It offers different exercises that develop the skills and techniques you have when it comes to dealing with stresses around you. It’s also a good way to take a couple of minutes off your day to reflect and meditate before you get back on track!

1. Tide

Tide focuses on allowing you to take things slow and be able to focus on the work or studies that you have to accomplish for the day. You can set a time for you to focus and remove all the distractions around you. Tide also provides inspirational quotes to motivate you to get things done! It also offers other options aside from ‘focus’ like sleep, relax, and breathe, for when you need to get your mind off of things and have some quiet time for yourself.

I hope these apps will be helpful in finishing your tasks while still remembering to take some time for yourself in the process. Go you!


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