The 4 Types People Who Can Benefit the Most from Plana Forma

We learned about Plana Forma during a one-on-one interview with the mother-daughter tandem of Plana Forma’s Quezon City branch: Ms. Bea Daez (Director) and Ms. Monique Daez (President). The two talked about the advantages of Plana Forma and why we should give it a try.

Ms. Monique explained, “Plana Forma is a total body workout for 55 minutes, and it uses the bar, some pilates moves, and some yoga moves, and some dance moves. All of the moves and workouts strengthen the small muscle groups and the different joints in the body. So, it creates a lean and firm and strong body.”

During the interview, we were also able to pinpoint who would benefit the most from Plana Forma’s techniques:

1. Ribbon Cutting

The 4 Types People Who Can Benefit the Most from Plana Forma

4. Those Who Don’t Want to Overeat

Since the 55-minute workout helps in dieting, it prevents overeating. Ms. Monique further explains, “Since it’s only 55 minutes, it also allows you to eat well. Because it’s not like crossfit training that makes you really hungry or a run after two hours. Here, you’re not too hungry that you’re gonna eat a lot. So, after 55 minutes, you can still eat wisely, and not feel like you’re low on energy. And if you do this regularly, in three weeks you’re gonna see the results.”

3. People on the Go

Ms. Bea also adds that since it doesn’t take a lot of time off of people who are busy with school and work, Plana Forma is perfect for those with hectic schedules. She said, “Since it’s only 55 minutes, it’s a total body workout that already targets all of the muscles. So, for people on-the-go, this is the perfect workout for them.”

22. Core Class

2. Ladies Who Want to be Lean but Strong

Plana Forma may not be for people who want to bulk up, but it gives a similar result in terms of strengthening certain muscles of the body. Ms. Bea explains, “It’s perfect for women because the target of Plana Forma is the arms, the abs, the butt, and the thighs. So, it’s all the major body parts that you want to be lean and strong. And it perfectly targets the small muscles, which is perfect for us females, because we want our inner thighs to be lean and firm. So, I guess that’s the advantage that we have compared to others, and also it’s a combination of techniques, like we have classes that are slower, we have more high intensity classes, it caters to a wide range of females as well, depending on their preference.”

1. Those with Minor Injuries

When asked if people with injuries can also participate in their program, Ms. Monique answers, “Very much, because actually the program of Plana Forma, the moves are rehabilated. So, it really helps you develop stronger small muscle groups, which are usually the once that get injured. And the movements are not so difficult. They are easy movements, but targeted, to strengthen the small muscles. We really have highly trained teachers. One of the things we focus on here is having a very personal relationship with our clients. And start of the class pa lang, they ask if you have injuries. And if ever they do, the teachers don’t tell you that you can’t join, instead they give you different options that you can do instead, so that you can still join the class.”

30 Core Class

Aside from their “Forma” classes, they also have what they call the “Forma Endurance” which is like similar to a high-intensity workout, and the “Forma Asuna” which leans towards yoga. The “Forma Pointe,” however, is more like ballet. They also over Piloxing classes and the ever-popular Zumba.

Plana Forma

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