4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Calling Card

Nothing would make you feel more official than having your own calling card.

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Calling cards are benchmarks that you’re finally settling for something. It’s like saying, this is my job and you can reach me here; it truly is a statement that you’re serious about what you have going on. 

If you own a business or have a talent that others might be in need of, but you don’t have your own calling card yet, 2018 might just be the year that you do so. Especially since we’re still at the early part of 2018, having your own will prove useful for the rest of the year. We’re listing down 4 reasons why you should own a calling card: 

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4. It gives your client something to remember you by 

First and foremost, that’s how your clients will most likely remember you. Studies show that most people don’t even remember the name of the person they’re talking to as soon as they get introduced to each other. Make it easier for them to know how to address you, where you work, and how they can contact you for potential business opportunities. 

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3. It makes you look professional 

Having your own card makes you more official. When you give your calling card to your clients, they will get the impression that you’re legitimate—and that’s always good for your company or your business. 

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2. You might get referred by people 

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. When people like your work, people will talk about it. Word gets around. And when someone is interested in availing of your services, they’re going to need your contact details. With your calling card out there, it’ll be easier for people or your past clients to refer you. 

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1. Do it for the raffle prizes 😉

“Drop your calling card here for a raffle entry!” 

I’ve been to numerous events and I deeply regret not having a calling card then. Imagine winning phones and the likes just by dropping your calling card! It’s a professional event and, of course, the prizes are professional, too (so to speak).  

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