Why Start Ups Should Also Build Their Business Online


Startups are literally a journey into the unknown and entrepreneurs need to be comfortable with taking on ambiguity, uncertainty, and multiple challenges. In this digital era, just having a business isn’t nearly enough anymore. Whether yours is an e-commerce company or a traditional brick-and-mortar business, if you want to maximize your success, you need to learn the importance of marketing your business online strongly.

When in Manila did some research and sought the advice of experts for tips on and guide for those who wish to fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions. Here are some of the takeaways you can keep in mind about the advantages of building an online presence for your brand:


It Offers Accessibility

The internet never sleeps, and every portal you offer online makes your business a 24-hour virtual showroom. This allows potential customers to research your product or services even after business hours and in the comfort of their homes.

It was also predicted by some experts that by 2020, 90% of transactions will take place online and be internet-influenced -all this due to the dramatic change in consumer habits brought about by the age of the internet. The onset of this technology also led consumers to do product/ service research prior to making any purchase decisions. A whooping 73% even seek out reviews posted online before deciding on what to buy. As for younger generations, social media has proven itself the preferred platform for customer support. This means that you should not only use the internet as a channel to sell, but a channel to communicate with your market.


It Boosts Brand Awareness

I’m going to cut through all the fat and give you the bare essentials on why you need to start building your brand online:

  • It creates awareness of what you, your business, and your brand stand for
  • It gives you instant opportunities to create likability and to foster the growth of your fan base
  • It builds credibility by showcasing your brand as an authority in the field
  • It increases your trust rating, enabling you to gain more potential customers and clients, and securing the profitability of your business.


It Provides Better Customer Support

Customer retention is one of the key factors of business value chain. Thanks to internet technology, business can provide customer support more effectively. This means better customer satisfaction which will, in turn, create positive word-of-mouth. And we all know that spreads fast.

But one thing that stays true whenever you deal with customers whether in real life or on the always take good care of them. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.


It Increases Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction

If the information and services the customers desire aren’t easily available to your clients at any time and in context, they will choose another supplier or provider. It’s no surprise then that businesses are laser-focused on providing a better customer experience. The pressure to improve the customer experience means putting the customer at the center of every decision, both online and offline.

Today, modifying changes on your company’s product-related content can be done virtually in a matter of couple of hours. Write, publish your site,  and share what your brand can offer to the world.


It Pushes Your Brand to the Marketplace

Branding is just as important for small businesses as it is for big names. Online presence = Brand Awareness.

“Internet is growing in leaps and bounds in terms of reach,” said CEO of iManila, Mr. Robert Deluria on our interview. iManila is a full-service web and digital marketing solutions agency established in 1996. The company also has a mass-market web design service called iRepublic, created specifically for start-ups and small to medium enterprises.

With the evidence of developing technology, Mr. Deluria said that the number of individuals searching online for their various needs posts an even bigger need for businesses to position their brand online.

Mr. Deluria further noted that, “Doing business online is not just setting up an ecommerce website. It is simply having a web presence to push your brand to the marketplace, especially today when almost everyone uses Google to search for sellers and providers. It’s the new yellow pages.”

The Bottom Line?

Internet is the new economy,” Mr. Deluria told WIM. “It provides the ‘speed of delivery’ that is unmatched. Whether you are selling directly on your site or just creating leads, its efficiency is unmatched,” he added.

As a business person, you have specific results to achieve. You must, most of the time, attain utmost efficiency in the shortest period of time while meeting precise objectives and attaining maximum profitability. That’s why getting involved with the Internet must be an integral part of your overall business plan.

The Internet has been like a tidal wave, and it will have a critical impact on your business. You either ride the wave or be swept away by it.

If, in case, you decide to ride the wave, you can always trust on iManila to take care of your online presence. The company will be rolling out a number of awesome promos as they’re proudly reaching their 20th year anniversary on January 29, 2016 — not a small feat in fast changing industry. They have a range of web solution and digital marketing services that will cater to your business needs. If I were you, I’d ride the wave.

iManila is located at Hanston Building, Emerald Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila. For inquiries, you may call (632) 490 0000 or connect with them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/iManila.ph.

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All illustrations in this post by iManila.


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