4 Critical Reasons Why Employees Stay (And Leave)

Having a business is a privilege. However, it takes a lot of courage and effort to maintain it. Last week, I had to sit down and talk to my future staff members. My ultimate goal is to keep them happy. So, I asked them what are the things that would make them stay or leave. The majority answered “money” which I already expect. Truth be told, regardless of the job or business you are in, money is the highlight of everything. Although, money can’t buy love, it sure does pay the bills!


However, as a mompreneur, it makes me wonder, if money is everything, how come there are still a few who quit their jobs? Interestingly, there is more than just the salary.


Figuratively, you need to take some vitamin “sea” too. 🙂

Allow me present some confirmation on what makes employees stay and leave.

4. Salary and Benefits

Let’s face it, wala ng libre now. So the least thing you can do to your staff is to reassure them of receiving a decent salary and benefits. If you are cheap and don’t recognize your people’s effort, they wouldn’t think twice to leave you. On the contrary, paying them more doesn’t mean you can manipulate them. I guess, to be fair, follow government mandated salary brackets. Refrain from using the reason “we are just a startup company” to be disorganized.

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3. Complicated Policies / Discrimination

A good friend from the HR department once told me: If the employee isn’t promoted even after rendering an outstanding performance, it’s either: he doesn’t want to get promoted or the company doesn’t see his worth.  Most often than not, it is the company who overlooks great employees. Complacency takes place if the company is not innovative and just follows policies that require repetitive tasks.

2. Culture

One of the reasons why centenarians live longer it’s because they feel wanted. The same thing applies to companies. You must ensure that your company has a positive culture – manage the gossips and office politics as much as possible.

gossip in the office

If one’s ego has been touched, the outcome will never be a good one.

1. Work Environment

In an article published by the Business News Daily, millennials are hungry for creativity. They want to explore and exercise their freedom. Hence, they hop from one company to another, until they find what’s best for them. It turns out ingenuity and the agility of the company should be demonstrated aggressively, according to millennials.

victoria court workspace

Victoria Court’s workspace

 In a succinct manner, the workplace should be motivating and engaging to keep everyone happy. A company should be able to affirm their employees’ mental, physical, and emotional needs.

Employees, on the other hand, should give their full commitment and time, by giving an outstanding performance.

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There is no other way to have your business prosper but to build a win-win relationship. In the word of Ray Kroc, the man behind the McDonald’s success: “You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.”

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