WATCH: Victoria Court Has the Coolest Workspace We’ve Seen in Manila So Far

If you think your workspace is cool, think again. While I’ve personally visited some cool offices through the years, I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything as cool as Victoria Court’s workspace just yet. In fact, I ended up feeling super envious after watching this video of what goes on behind the scenes over there. A slide, swings, wall-climbing – this place has got the works! Check it out:



Victoria Court is a chain of hotels in the heart of Metro Manila where you can immerse yourself in an extra sensory environment that is tailor-fit to each uniquely themed room. You can be Batman for a day, feel like a princess or fulfil any type of cool fantasy you would like to fulfil. Victoria Court’s state-of-the-art themed suites will whisk you away to wherever your heart desires, while their talented chefs will make sure that your tastebuds are happy, too.

In an industry that is mostly operated in a mom and pop fashion, Victoria Court has broken the industry stereotype and raised the bar for the last 30 years. Since setting the standard requires constant reinvention, they are constantly experimenting with ideas to improve as time goes by, so that both their employees and guests stay happy. Their training doesn’t just cover technical aptitude, either, but also focuses on the holistic development of every employee as inspired by their founder. They basically spend a lot of time and money in equipping their people because they know that the key to their success lies in them. Happy employees equal happy guests.

Like their rooms, joining the team ensures that no two days will be alike. You will be working with passionate, fun-loving, and extremely creative individuals whose main goal is to make guests forget the humdrum of everyday life, even if just for a few hours. With fantastic benefits ensuring the growth of their employees, working with Victoria Court means that you’ll be working with a smile, day in and day out.

Need more proof? Their former employees are so good that others in the industry hire them – no questions asked.

Want to be part of the team yet? Email to apply! 🙂