4 canned sardines brands ranked by a hungry dude in COVID-19 quarantine

It’s been a little over two weeks when President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the implementation of enhanced community quarantine on the island of Luzon.

If I were being optimistic, we’re halfway there. Tentatively, the enhanced community quarantine is set in place until April 12.

If you’re going out for some groceries later to refill your depleted stock, you might want to arm yourself with knowledge on what canned sardines brand might be ideal for you.

Diuvs De Jesus did a head-to-head comparison of four canned sardines brand. He shared the results on Facebook.

Comparative Analysis of Canned Sardines Brands in the Philippines

I added sodium content and SM supermarket price. I also added graph of number of pieces and mean length for easier visualization.

I did a rapid comparison of the top canned sardines brands in the Philippines. I compared the number of pieces per can, mean length, sauce taste and consistency and caloric and sodium content.

I only sampled 1 can per brand and only the regular green flavor. Taste test is based on perception of 3 respondents (including me).(You can add your taste observations in the comments).

I wanted to determine the species, but duh!? no heads,tail, fins etc, unless we do a DNA analysis 😅 (kaya pa ba??)

Here are the results:

3 1/2 pcs
mean length- 6.55 cm
50 kcal
Sodium-240 mg
PhP 17.25

7 pcs
mean length- 6.1 cm
50 kcal
Sodium-310 mg
PhP 17.60

5 pcs
Mean length: 6.06 cm
60 kcal
Sodium-610 mg
pinaka hindi maalat, matamis-tamis, pinakamalapot
pinakamasarap for me
PhP 18.00

Young’s Town
4 pcs
Mean length: 7.125 cm
58 kcal
Sodium-427 mg
Pinakamaalat, pinakamalabnaw
PhP 17.75


No. of pcs
555<Young’s Town<Ligo<Mega

mean length
Ligo<Mega<555<Young’s Town

Ligo<Mega<555<Young’s Town


555<Mega<Young’s Town<Ligo

555<Mega<Young’s Town<Ligo

DISCLAIMER: I don’t mean to promote or discredit any brands. Analysis is based on scientific evidence 😅✌🏽

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