3 Things We Loved About Z-Street Halloween

All photos from Z Hostel’s Facebook page.

Don Pedro is a part in Makati where you’ll find lots of bars and restaurants. It’s a perfect place to hang out with your friends on weekends. We were in for a surprise last October as this particular street in Makati turned into Halloween town from 7PM up until 4 in the morning.

It was really a night to remember. It brought out our deepest passions, our love for magic, fantasy; you name it. As for me, it also brought out my love for screaming. You’ll hear more about that when as you read the rest of this article.

3 Things We Loved About Z-Street Halloween

3.  The Bacardi House Party

Who in their right mind doesn’t like going to parties? Mo matter what kind of party girl or boy you are, parties are very different when they happen on Halloween. There’s an entirely different feel. The beer tastes better; the people dance better, the people are hotter, the lights shine on you in a whole different way. That was precisely how it felt like during the Z-Street Halloween party. I confess to partying every other night, but what went on at Z-Street was something I wish would happen again. Too bad Halloween is only once a year.

2. Creepy Head in the Z-Hostel Lobby

I honestly didn’t notice this the first time I walked into Z-Hostel; but as I was walking around, trying to satisfy my thirst for all things creepy, I found a bunch of bartenders circling what looked like a medium-sized cabinet. I edged towards it to find this scary-looking head with Christmas lights and empty bottles beside it.

I have to admit I was a bit curious. It looked like a head of a mannequin at first; but as I approached it, it started moving.  Everyone laughed when the head opened its eyes. Of course, it opened them in the most creepy way… but hey, it’s Halloween).

1. The Ruins

I stood outside for about five minutes before going in because I was trying to figure out what was so special inside. Even the guards couldn’t tell me. They had no idea; but after taking a peek, I had no doubt that it was a haunted house of some sort. Explains why it’s called “The Ruins”. There were even gravestones outside.

Call me crazy, but I love haunted houses. As such, it’s no wonder why this remains to be my favorite spot on Z-Street. I even roamed every corner to find something I loved more than this place. I couldn’t find anything.

The Ruins really owned up to its name. The moment you went inside, you would actually feel like you had entered a haunted house. The place is air-conditioned, so you’ll feel cold inside, just like when you’re surrounded by the undead.

There were children who sprayed fog around the place, too, and startled you for that extra Halloween spirit.

I guess one of the reasons why I love this place so much was the “bent neck lady”. If you’re a fan of the “Haunting of House Hill”, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. Of course, the bent neck lady wasn’t a real person. It was just props, but it was still awesome to see something like that on Halloween. There was also a guy dressed as a ghost sleeping beneath the bent neck lady.

Were you able to visit Z-Street this Halloween? What was your favorite memory?


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