3 Reasons to Start Your Business in a Co-Working Space


Those who aspire to become successful have in one way or another attempted to start their own business. As the Filipino becomes more capable of spending, so do business opportunities…and competition. It’s a tough crowd out there and skills aside, your business won’t survive without the proper tools. Thankfully, co-working spaces such as Penbrothers are here to help startups get that much-needed push.

With a co-working space, you have nothing else to worry about except how to make your business soar above the competition. If you’re wondering why you should go for a co-working space, here’s what I got from the peeps at Penbrothers and from a couple of entrepreneurs from an event held there around a month ago.

3 Reasons to Start Your Business in a Co-Working Space

3. Co-working spaces take care of the logistics for your business.


Logistics and infrastructure are important in any business. Co-working spaces promise to take care of the foundations, so you can focus on what matters more: developing your business. This fosters a goal-oriented business without much of a hassle.

2. Co-working spaces are more social.


It won’t just be your startup that gets to work in a co-working space. There are many others that have considered this route and have trusted in these spaces to take care of their businesses. As such, each business – should they be open to the notion – can interact with one another in a co-working space. This opens up more opportunities for partnerships between businesses. On a basic level, it’s also a great way to socialize with other people outside your business without leaving the building.

1. Co-working spaces make working more collaborative.


Co-working spaces foster collaborative work by putting workers in an environment where they interact more. Penbrothers, for instance, doesn’t have any cubicles – just open tables with machines where workers get to collaborate in person. Communication is key to ideation, and co-working spaces are conducive to good communication.

A very conducive environment like Penbrothers will surely bring your business up to its maximum potential, delivering products and services that are sure to bring smiles to you and your potential customers, all without much of a hassle.

Photography by: Paul Omer Bicol and Xin Sy