3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing Yoga

On its third year, the Embassy of India hosted the International Day of Yoga at SM Mall of Asia’s Music Hall. The afternoon sun was scorching hot as it peered through the columns of the largest mall in the country. Still, this did not stop the 300 yoga enthusiasts, participants and exhibitors from laying their mats and practicing.

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So, what is the hype with yoga anyway? Why does it seem like everybody is doing it – your seemingly annoying, but blooming colleague from work; your high school best friend; even your crush (who is doing it as part of his cross training)! Here are 3 reasons for you to let down your guard and consider doing yoga yourself:

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Yoga has a deep, cultural background.

Yoga is not all about the chanting (although there are classes where you can experience a bit of it). Yoga is about guiding your movements with your breath, and your mindfulness when setting intentions (or prayers if needed!) During the event itself, there was even a Bharat Natyam dance performance led by Ms. Sree Lakshmi, and a grand finale of Kirtan Yoga performed by Science Identity Foundation.

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Yoga is a wholistic exercise for the mind and body!

Did you know that a few minutes of yoga can relax both your body and your mind? Initially, I was one of those people who thought that you need a certain body and flexibility level in order to practice yoga. But then, yoga was recommended to me by my orthopedic doctor to help ease my back tension and strengthen muscles since I do other more strenuous sports like surfing and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Through the years, I also learned the deeper meaning of my yoga practice: that it is a wholistic exercise. The key to good healthy living is the full appreciation of both the mind and body.

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Yoga studios and classes are available everywhere!

Different teachers from various yoga studios volunteered to do demonstrations throughout the International Day of Yoga event. Depending on what style you want to try or are accustomed to, you will find a yoga studio and yogi (teacher) that will gladly guide you through your journey. There are even classes specially designed for men!

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There’s no reason to be insecure or shy to try yoga. It’s for everybody! You may opt to go with your friends or end up having newfound friends! Allotting time to practice every day will release the tension that accumulates in the body and pacifying our overworked brain. I will definitely continue my yoga practice and I hope you do, too! See you on the mat soon!

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