3 New Craft Beers You Should Try When in Manila

“Where there is beer, there is life.”

When in Manila, the choices for beers will be almost endless, but still, many opt for the habitual San Miguel Light or Pale Pilsen. In recent years, however, we have seen the mushrooming of craft breweries. This is good news for us, beer lovers. We have more choices and more ways to enjoy life!

3 New Craft Beers You Should Try When in Manila

While I have utmost respect and love for local brewers, I believe that there is always room for something new. I get excited whenever I see an unfamiliar craft beer brand. Like a kid eager to open his new toy, I feel a different kind of excitement knowing that my taste buds will experience an explosion of aroma and flavors.


Looking for new beers to try in Manila? Well, let me share with you three of the craft beers I recently found. These beers are imported from Ireland, but for sure, they will be relatable to anyone, even for those with discerning preferences.

3. Kings of Tara Irish Craft Lager


At 4.5% ABV, this lager is perfect for those who are looking for an easy-drinking beer. Given its alcohol content, it is surely easy to drink more than what you have initially planned, especially when your session is complemented with interesting conversations. If you ever go hungry or if you just want grubs to match your beer, light seafood, grilled chicken, and spicy dishes will be your best bet.

2. Finn Irish Craft Lager


The bright and golden color of this pilsner will already give you an idea of its flavor – refreshing. The citrus-aftertaste makes it ideal to be enjoyed on a hot day and served cold.  It has a clean taste, light body, and dry finish, perfect for anyone who is just getting started in exploring the wonderful world of craft beer. It will make a good choice for your first bottle during a long night of drinking. It is a versatile food beer, so you can drink it with pretty much any food, but it would best go with pizza, barbecue, and burgers.

1. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Touted as the “beer of the bourbon country,” this award-winning brew has a distinct aroma, flavor, and process of production. It is aged for six weeks in bourbon barrels, which are used only once. The beer has a whiff and tang that is very much reminiscent of a well-crafted bourbon. Once it is poured in the glass, there is little carbonation, but it tends to fade away quickly. Flavors of vanilla and oak will explode in your mouth as you chug it.

3 New Craft Beers You Should Try When in Manila

The Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is best enjoyed after dinner, served in a snifter glass. It has 8.2% ABV, which may intimidate some, but once you start drinking it, the sweet and creamy taste will be more domineering than its alcohol content. I personally found the aroma a bit overwhelming and the taste, really unique.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Kings of Tara Irish Craft Lager, and Finn Irish Craft Lager are all imported from Ireland by PH Deli. PH Deli specializes in the import of gourmet grocery items and alcohols and distribute it through their partner establishments. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is available at: Long Bar at Raffles (Makati), Tipsy Pig (The Fort and Capitol Commons), and The Reserve Bar and Lounge (Ortigas and The Fort). Meanwhile, all of the three beers are available at Charlie’s (Makati, Kapitolyo, and Greenhills), Crisp on 28th, H&J, Pink Panda, and Pages Deli (Shangri-La Mall).

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