Meet Pedro: You’ll Be Best Friends For Life

“You all know that guy. You know, the relaxed under-the-radar closet intellectual who’s funny without trying. He may not have the best fashion sense or particularly good hand-eye coordination, but he’s always there when you need him. He’s that fun, genuine, effortlessly cool guy that everybody loves to like”


Meet Pedro – a craft beer that has been around for some time now, but was only recently officially launched at The Belle & Dragon. Pedro is unpretentious. He does not try hard to astound, yet he naturally creates a lasting impression from every sip.

20160201_011521-01Meet Pedro – Your New Best Friend 

Pedro was conceived after Jill Borja, one of the founders, had a trip in Hong Kong to attend a craft beer festival and quickly noticed that there was no representative from the Philippines. She then shared her vision with Jaime and Nadine Fanlo. Fueled by their love for beer, they would often gather at the garage of Jill’s house on weekends and experiment with different brews. They began setting up their brewery and, soon, had Rochee de Leon as part of the family that brought Pedro into life.

Accessibility is one of the most common problems that confront craft beer enthusiasts. If you are like me who lives in Quezon City, you will find it difficult to find a craft beer to satiate you on nights you wish you had something more than commercialized brews from the bigwigs. Like an adult who wants to be friends with more people, a bottle of Pedro is now easier to reach. Their beers are now available at Family Mart, which is a milestone not only for the brand, but for the industry in general.

It is proof that more and more Filipinos are stepping into the craft, which shows a shift towards a more discerning and liberating drinking scene in the country.

20160202_034504-02Pedro’s Endless Summer Wheat Ale 

Endless Summer Wheat Ale (5% ABV) is the first variant that has been released by Pedro. It is the bottle that launched them in the market. Like its name, it promises to make you experience an endless summer, even if you are in a city that is populated by towering skyscrapers instead of coconut trees amidst a serene beach. It is fruity and citrusy, cool and refreshing, perfect for our tropical climate.

20160203_030508-02Pedro’s Procrastination Pale Ale 

The next beer they introduced was Procrastination Pale Ale (5% ABV). Staying true to its name, it took the team quite a while before they finally hit the spot and found the right flavor for this beer. It is fragrant and moderately hoppy, with bitterness that is just right. This American-style pale ale exudes aroma of fresh herbs, which will surely excite your taste buds.

20160202_031137-02Pedro’s Elementary English Ale 

The newest member of the Pedro family is Elementary, English Ale (5% ABV), which has roasted malt flavors with a slight bitter finish. It is a traditional Extra Special Bitter with notable malt flavors, as well as caramel and coffee notes. This is the perfect choice for people who like robust and dark beer.

20160129_184355The Only 6-Pack You Will Need (Forget Abs!) 

Meet Pedro. He is the kind of friend who can make any gathering more special, even without cracking a joke or attempting to be over-dressed. Whether it is a sunny day on the beach or a night out with friends in a trendy pub, Pedro will be an engaging companion. Whether it is paired with food or with intimate conversations, Pedro will be enjoyable!

Grab a glass or bottle of Pedro on your next night on town. It is going to give you an explosion of flavors and aroma without even trying so hard! Take a sip. It will not take long before you will realize that you can be best friends for life!

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