3 Alternative Transportation Services You Could Also Use When In Manila

If there’s one Filipino trait I’d be proud of, it would be our resourcefulness. We always find a way to make our lives easier.

For example, if it’s flooded, we create a very resourceful and creative way to get through the floods by using the pedicabs – a small pedal-operated “vehicle.” Another resourceful transportation is the tricycle often used inside the villages. Of course, our ubiquitous symbol for culture, Jeepneys!

jeepney transportation

 Jeepneys are basically a refurbished military jeeps used during the WWII and had been aesthetically modified over time.

Truthfully, we are now entering the digital world and everything is basically a “tap” away – including booking for a ride. However, not everyone has a smartphone and a credit card to link to famous booking apps like Uber. While GrabCar, GrabTaxi, EasyTaxi, accept cash, based on my experience, they sometimes take a long time to respond (and charge me an arm and a leg!)

Fortunately, I have my go-to (alternative) transportation services you could also use every time you’re trapped in the traffic or tired from standing in long lines for a taxi.

manila traffic
 In no particular order, here they are:
RYOaki is owned by a Japanese businessman and has an office along CAA road in Las Pinas. My ultimate reason why I love this company is because the drivers are polite and courteous. According to RYOaki drivers, the company randomly provides drug testing to ensure the safety of the passengers, as well as, the drivers’ welfare. I’ve been stuck at BGC so many times, fortunately, RYOaki was always there to save me from the long lines and other drivers that charge a lot!! Personally, I’ve been using them for almost a year and a half now.
Booking fee: P100 on top of the meter
Response Time: 5 minutes after texting
Process: Once they receive your text, they will call you to get information. After which, they send you the driver’s details through text, which you can also forward to your loved ones.
Contact nos. (02) 552 – 8197 / 0908- 143- 9438 / 0915- 691 7954
2. LBR
LBR is owned by a Filipino host/actor/comedian Luis Manzano. Although, I’ve had a bad experience with them before, they quickly called me to reassure that it won’t happen again.

True enough, that after the incident, they were already polite and fast. And by fast, I mean, the cab’s arrival time is on point!

Booking Fee: P70 on top of the meter
Response Time: 3 minutes
Process: When it’s your first time, you will receive a call after texting. The operator will ask for your contact details for record purposes. Once they’ve located a taxi for you, they will send driver’s details via text, which you can also forward to your loved ones. 
Contact nos: 8877 527 / 822 3539 / 0917- 565 8942
3. Aussie Taxi
Aussie Taxi, as the name implies, is owned by an Australian businessman, who married a lovely Filipina. They started this business as they knew how limited transportation services are here in the Philippines.

I love this company as they don’t have a booking fee yet. And, they don’t ask me to add money on top of the meter.

Booking fee: N/A for now. 
Response Time: 5 minutes or depends on the location
Contact no: 0907 – 806 2056
Generally, our transportation in the Philippines has emerged. However, our roads are undeveloped and built without an anticipation that our country will flourish over time. As a result, our infrastructure isn’t built enough for all the vehicles available in our country. In short, traffic.
On a lighter note, should you need an alternative transportation, make sure that these numbers have been taken down for future reference! Also, please note that these cabs can cater to anywhere in Metro Manila or even here in the South!
Do you know of one that we could add to our list? Share them with us by commenting below!