LOOK: This Online-Only Food Court is Open 24/7

Ever find yourself craving for food in the middle of the night? No matter what time of the day it is, there is now an online food court that you can order food from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

24/7 Eats is the first online-only food court that is open, well, 24/7! They are available on GrabFood and cater to most of Metro Manila. Here are the delicious brands that they feature:

Burger Beast (by Chef Carlo Miguel)

The Frenchie

Wonder Wings

6 PC Buffalo

Wok With Yap

Kung Pao Chicken

Read our full review on Wok with Yap here.

Get Baked

Sisig Bake

These brands were carefully selected to provide customer favorites like burgers, chicken wings, Mediterranean, as well as best-selling dishes like sushi bakes and even Daily Dose Cold Brew Coffee.

Aside from having a full selection of food, the convenience of being able to order from several restaurants in one basket and combine your favorite dishes in one home dining moment makes this a one-of-a-kind experience.

6 PC Honey Garlic

With the pandemic quickly changing customer behavior, their focus on delivery-only food brands has been key to providing us with the food that we want and need in the safety and comfort of our homes.

They have chosen only the top-performing brands on Grab and selected the bestselling dishes of each brand to ensure that customer favorites are highlighted. They also made sure to include foodie-certified brands like Chef Carlo Miguel’s Burger Beast, which features the Umami Burger and Frenchie Burger.


24/7 Eats also makes sure that they focus on delivery. Since they know that their food will be sitting in a box for half an hour or so, they make it a point to ensure that presentation and freshness are as preserved as possible so that your home dining experience is the best possible one. Make sure to get your cameras ready because these eats are all Instagram-worthy!

Kimchi Bake

24/7 Eats pretty much covers the entire Metro Manila right now, but they are also working on covering 100% very soon. Metro Cebu and Metro Davao will also be treated to this online food court experience in early 2021. How awesome is that?

With the pandemic continuing to keep people at home, food delivery is becoming even more relevant as people stay at home and conduct intimate gatherings in the comfort of their homes. 24/7 Eats caters to everyone in search of a variety of options for families and friends with varying tastes and preferences. 24/7 Eats is sure to have whatever you might be looking for!

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