Wok with Yap: Go on a Delicious Trip to the Streets of Asia from the Comforts of Your Home

Just because we’re stuck in isolation doesn’t mean that we can’t travel the world… through food, that is! Wok with Yap allows us to take a trip across Asia’s best from the comforts of our own homes. They’re the perfect eating and travel buddy during these trying times.

Join Tim Yap as he invites everyone to join and embark on this journey with him. Wok With Yap is the latest delivery-only restaurant that will take you on a trip to the streets of Asia filled with the aromatic scent of Asian cuisine with every bite. Bringing you authentic Asian flavors, Wok with Yap offers an array of hearty, flavorful, and healthy rice bowls.

Photo from Wok with Yap

Starting off with the Hainanese Chicken: this dish is a Singaporean favorite of poached chicken, topped with soy-sesame dressing, ginger-scallion sauce, chili, and sweet soy.

Photo from Wok with Yap

The Soy Ginger Tuna, on the other hand, is an incredibly delicious rice bowl medley of sashimi grade tuna, soy ginger mayo, ebiko, and benito!

Photo from Wok with Yap

The perfect warm and savory dish, specially made for travelers who would always want to go with the classics, is the Kung Pao Chicken – a combination of stir-fried chicken breast, chili, vegetables, and peanuts.

Photo from Wok with Yap

For those who enjoy a kick of spice that would amp up their meal, the Spicy Salmon Bowl contains Norwegian salmon complemented with spicy mayo, ebiko, and furikake.

Photo from Wok with Yap

Last but not the least, the healthy Beef and Broccoli combines tender stir-fried beef with broccoli and oyster sauce.

To make sure that there is a bowl for every soul, all dishes are served with their preference of brown rice, white rice, adlai, or quinoa.

Your new favourite comfort Asian food is here. Order now and elevate your dining experience at home with Wok with Yap!
Available on foodpanda and Grab Food. Price starts at Php339.

Wok with Yap

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Wok-With-Yap-103505171468390

Instagram: @wokwithyap

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