23 Things You Should Know by the Time You Turn 23

Your twenties can be both confusing and ecstatic. If you’re turning 23 this year (or anytime soon), you are probably asking yourself, “how did life slide so fast?” Your twenties will freak you out, but truth be told: it’s all about learning and sowing. Here are 23 things you should know by the time you turn 23.

23 Things You Should Know by the Time You Turn 23

23. You are beautiful and no one can change that.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made and your soul knows it. Your face is meant to have pores, and a little bit of fat is normal; you need it to survive.

23 things a woman should know #1

22. Age is just a number.

Don’t mind the people who tell you that you look 12 or the people who thought you’re already 28. It is not about the years; it’s about depth. You are never too young to make a difference and never too old to learn and make mistakes.

23 things you should know #2-b

21. You deserve to be chased.

No woman is a second choice; everyone is a grand prize, so please stop being a fool for him and do yourself a small favor. After all, we accept the love and respect we think we deserve.

23 things you should know #3

20. There is more to life than romance.

You are just 23 and it is okay if you are single. Life doesn’t start or end when you get married. There is nothing wrong with you; date when you’re ready and not when you’re bored.

23 things you should know #4

19. It’s okay to feel tired and confused sometimes.

There will be days when you will not have any idea what to do with your life. You will think a lot and feel a lot, and it will suck when you can’t explain what is wrong. On days like this, try to look at the bigger picture on what is bothering you and remember that your feelings don’t always tell the truth.

23 things you should know #5

18. It’s alright to let some friends go.

The right people will always make a way and choose to grow with you. Real friends accept that people change, but choose to respect every difference. Besides, if someone really is your friend, nothing will change even if you are miles away. As we grow old, we will learn that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to friendship.23 things yous should know #6

17. Not everyone will like you.

You are no longer in high school; popularity should no longer be the measure of your worth. As long as you know that you are not harassing anyone, you will be fine. Do not allow yourself to become a garbage bag and don’t let their opinions paralyse you. Instead, kill them with kindness.

23 things you need to know #7

16. Life is too short not to book that flight.

From time to time, it is good to spend more on the things that will give you unforgettable experiences instead of on gadgets and clothes. You should hoard experiences and moments instead because you can always make money, but you cannot always make memories.

23 thing you need to know #8

15. Money doesn’t buy you happiness.

If you manage money intelligently, it will save you a lot of stress. A bigger salary is not the answer; intelligence is. Don’t put the blame on having a small paycheck when you simply suck at budgeting. If you are not faithful and responsible when it comes to the little things that you have, you will most likely not be when it comes to bigger things, either.

23 things you need to know #9

14. People will never run out of opinions.

You don’t have to take them seriously. People will always have their two cents and most of the time, they’ll be very unsolicited. The secret is to become a filter of opinions, not a sponge.

23 things you should know #10

13. You’re never too young to be financially literate.

“YOLO” sounds cool, but it isn’t beneficial. Start thinking about your savings and investments as early as your twenties, so your 30-something-self will be very thankful. As a 20-something, time is on our side, so make it the best time to invest and use the power of compound interest.

23 things you should know #11

12. Always have passion projects.

If writing stories or baking cupcakes makes you feel alive, start doing it now. You don’t need to quit your job, unless you’re up to some extremes. Never ever go home after a 9-to-5 job without working on your personal goals. That is almost a synonym of suicide.

23 things you should know #12

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