2013 JanSport Pilipinas Bag wins bronze at the Adobo Design Awards

2013 JanSport Pilipinas Bag wins bronze at the Adobo Design Awards
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JanSport, the original outdoor gear brand that equips people globally with quality backpacks, and travel gear, launched a nationwide competition last year with the aim of inspiring young Filipinos to express their creativity through art and design.


Titled, Made to Celebrate: Design the 2013 JanSport Pilipinas Bag Competition, the competition commenced last August 2012 where over 300 entries were received from young Filipino artists all over the country. Revolving around the theme of Philippine festivals, the participants were asked to showcase the culture of our native festivals through a unique design for a JanSport pack.


Tasked to select the most outstanding design, JanSport US chose the design of Alyssa de Asis, a Fine Arts major who graduated earlier this year from St. Scholastica’s College Manila.


Just as JanSport and designer Alyssa thought that things could not get any better, the JanSport Pilipinas Bag has recently bagged Bronze under the Best Design Illustration Category. Now on its fifth year, the annual Adobo Design Awards honors the best talents in contemporary creativity. And each year, new categories are included to reflect the ever-evolving state of the creative industry.


A highly-anticipated culmination of efforts and talents for the industry, to be recognized by Adobo Design Awards means that JanSport together with Alyssa, has successfully communicated the essence and purpose of the Pilipinas Bag which is to inspire and foster the spirit of creativity among the youth. All in all, it was the brand voice of JanSport combined with Alyssa’s fresh new perspective and unmistakable talent for the arts that led to this wondrous feat.


The result of Alyssa’s brainstorming is a unique design that perfectly encapsulated the themes of the Filipino festivals without being overwhelming. The design bore strong influences from the Masskara festival, Giant Lantern festival, and the Flower festival, while the rest of the details were reminiscent of patterns used by ethnic performers. Of choosing which festivals to feature, Alyssa thought that it would be fun to illustrate ones that were most lively. She also lifted inspiration from local ethnic design patterns.


Although difficult and challenging, Alyssa focused on creating a design that would incorporate all the different festivals. Rounded up with the use of a vivid color palette, she characterized all the vibrant celebrations that are teeming with life. This is the second JanSport Pilipinas bag to be launched, following the one released last 2010.


JanSport strongly believes in creativity and passion and stands by its commitment to make high quality backpacks that are canvas for self expression and enable the freedom to experience life’s adventures. Through a competition such as the Design the 2013 JanSport Pilipinas Bag Competition, young Filipinos are inspired to pursue things which they otherwise deem impossible. Who would’ve thought that apart from winning the competition, the industry would also recognize a feat achieved by a young artist like Alyssa?


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In the inspired words of Alyssa, “simply continue to do what you love and what you want, and put your works out there.” she adds, “Experiment, stay determined and passionate.”


The JanSport Pilipinas bag is available in Bratpack, The Travel Club, SM Department Stores, Landmark, DFP Sportmart, Gaisano malls, and R.O.X. JanSport is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant.




2013 JanSport Pilipinas Bag wins bronze at the Adobo Design Awards

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