20 Weird Halloween Costumes You Can Find Online

Mean Girls said that Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. But that’s in Girl World. In the real world, people make all sorts of costumes, whether it’s cute, funny, or downright scary.

But there are those who make weird costumes. Sometimes it can be clever, but there are those that are strange and creepy. So we decided to trawl the internet and find the weirdest costumes you can find online.

Here’s what we found:

20. Cereal Killer

This is actually cute.

19. Avocado

Can’t get any more millennial than this.

18. Bob Ross

This one’s actually clever.

17. Bob Ross Painting

If you have a Bob Ross costume, you might as well have a Bob Ross painting.

16. Taco Cat

If you like tacos and cats, well, we have the costume for you.

15. Upside Down Man

Why go to a party right side up when you can be upside down?

14. Venus Flytrap

This one’s actually creepy.

13. Corn Stalker

This is a stalker I wouldn’t mind having in my Halloween party.

12. “Be Your Own Date”

This one’s called “Be Your Own Date” and we’re not sure if it’s clever or sad.

11. Sexy Crayon

Don’t know why we have to sexualize crayons but ok.

10. Botched Surgery Patient

The surgery looks like it went great.

9. Peas

Weird as it may look, it may even be a conversation starter.

8. Kim Jong-un

Why come as North Korean president Kim Jong-un when you can come in as someone Supreme Leader is carrying?

7. Jellyfish

We’re not sure why anyone would want to be a jellyfish but okay, Brenda. You do you.

6. Fake Braces


5. Tuxedo

Because an actual tuxedo is not enough.

4. Daddy’s Girl

I can’t.

3. Tourists

Where’s the fanny pack and the visor?

2. Inflatable

y tho?

1. Ghosted 

Ghosts aren’t always the one we’re used to, like Casper the Friendly Ghost. Sometimes, they’re people we’re romantically involved with who disappear in the blink of an eye. That’s exactly what happens when someone “ghosts” you. The costume is a white dress filled with unanswered text messages. Nothing’s more horrifying than that, right?

What are you going as this Halloween?

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