15 Ways to Help Cure Boredom

Life can sometimes slow down a tad too much and throw us into an abyss of boredom. It’s not like we are looking for an adrenaline rush every time we wake up, but when you’ve got a really slow trickle of inspiration, that creative void just gets bigger and harder to fill.

It’s good to be self-aware, but sometimes these ho-hum feelings can get the best of us as that we even turn to some pick-me-uppers that are actually more “downers”. Here are some examples: 1.) Eating everything in sight, then regretting it after, 2.) picking a fight with your partner, just because, 3.) developing an even more unhealthy relationship with social media by constantly looking at Instagram and Facebook photos and asking why your grass isn’t as green, and 4.) indulging in self-pity.

Thankfully, there are articles like these – 10 Ways to be More Creative and 4 Tricks to Help Kill Boredom to help you go through this annoying slump. But in case you are looking for more suggestions to get you a little high on life, here are some quick fixes that I find very helpful during those dark moments.


15. Write

Express those feelings by pounding on the keyboard or scribbling on your journal. You might be surprised with what you’ll come up with. Journaling helps deal with negative thoughts and emotions and, the best part, it’s way cheaper than seeing a therapist.


14. Read a book

Stories don’t just entertain you, they also heal a bored soul.


13. Call it a Netflix Day

Just like reading a book, movies and TV shows inspire and entertain, so go and browse through Netflix’s collection of oldies but goodies of TV shows, foreign films, etc.

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12. Walk it off

Step outside and waste your time away by clearing your head and getting a bit of exercise at the same time.


11. See a live show

Music is an instant mood changer, so add the great vibe you’ll get at any live shows and you’ll be dancing that boredom away.


10. Play with your furry friend

Playing with your pet isn’t just bonding time. It’s fun and it boosts your serotonin level.


9. Travel

Traveling doesn’t always involve hopping on a plane. You can go out of town for the weekend just to recharge your batteries or even just a day trip because any trip, even quickies, are always, always exciting.


8. Treat Yourself

Get yourself those boots, get your nails done, get a massage…because treating yourself well is so important to have a healthy relationship with yourself. For those on a tight budget and can’t afford retail therapy, window shopping also helps. Well, you can always look and see what you can get for yourself on your next paycheck.

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