15 Spooky Filipino Superstitions You Might Not Know About

September is at an end, and Halloween is soon upon us again – and with that, creepy stories of floating heads and soldiers popping up at night will once again hit the evening screens on TV during the spookiest day of the year.

Other than the creepy stories of haunted mansions and ghouls running in the dead of night, our culture is also filled with superstitions and “old wives tales” that have been passed on through time.

Since I’m a huge fan of horror and the paranormal, here are 15 superstitions that might just knock your socks off:

15 Spooky Filipino Superstitions You Might Not Know About

15. Sukob

Basically, this superstition advises not to get married in the same year as another relative’s wedding or death. Doing so could either bring bad luck, or cause someone to die.


14. The Face of Death

When at a funeral, avoid looking at the face of the deceased, or they will visit the family and take all of them to the grave.

13. The Headless Shadow of Death

If a person’s shadow appears headless, he or she is about to die.


12. The Neighborhood Death Plague

If someone in the neighborhood dies, a string of deaths will happen in the neighbourhood – one that can only be broken if a couple gets married or if a child is born.

11. Groups of 3s

Avoid grouping yourselves in sets of 3s, especially in pictures. The one in the middle might die.


10. The Wedding Candle

The couple whose candle goes out first during a wedding will be the first couple to die.

9. Home Birth

If a woman is giving birth at home, every hole in the house has to be covered up or else an evil spirit will come in and kill the baby.


8. Wake Mirrors

If a wake is being held in a household, all the mirrors need to be covered with cloth because the dead will try to show themselves in those mirrors. You must also avoid looking at yourself in the mirror during this time.

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