140 Years of Spoliarium: Tech Meets Art at the National Museum

Juan Luna’s masterpiece gets a modern upgrade! To celebrate the 140th anniversary of “Spoliarium,” LG Philippines partnered with the National Museum of the Philippines. This means fancy new LG OLED TVs are now chilling beside the famous painting.


Why TVs in a museum? LG wants to use its latest tech to make art appreciation even cooler. The idea is that these super fancy TVs with fancy AI smarts will help visitors see Luna’s work in a whole new light (literally!). Pretty neat, right?

But wait, there’s more! The event wasn’t just about TVs. LG also used it to show off its latest home entertainment lineup, including TVs perfect for gamers and sports fans. They wanted to show how their tech can enhance all kinds of experiences, from art appreciation to movie nights.


Here’s the scoop on the LG gadgets on display:

  • LG OLED AI TVs: These TVs brag about their self-learning AI that adjusts the picture and sound based on what you’re watching. Fancy!
  • LG QNED TVs: These TVs are all about color and brightness, making them perfect for catching the most intense sports plays.
  • LG Soundbars: Wanna level up your home theater experience? LG has soundbars for that too!