14 More Animes from the 90s We’d Love to Watch Again

Howdy, you nostalgia-seeking person. I know we missed a lot of great ones (because there were so many) in our last listicle of animes from the 90s we’d all love to watch again. So, here is another round of When In Manila’s version of Blast from the Past.

14. A Dog of Flanders (Furandāsu no Inu, Japan; 1993)

WIM_animes_90s (10)

Based on the novel of the same name, A Dog of Flanders follows the story of the boy Nello, and his lovable dog Patrasche.

13. Sailor Moon (Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn, Japan; 1994)

WIM_animes_90s (9)

Sailor Moon is the story of a group of girls led by Usagi Tsukino who battle villains in order to protect the Silver Crystals and prevent the destruction of the solar system.

12. Time Quest (Taimu Toraburu Tondekeman, Japan; 1995)

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A story that centers arounds Tondekeman – a time machine in the form a kettle – and Hayato and his girlfriend Yumi. They go back in time, meeting historical personalities, as well as Prince Dandarn, and Princess Shalala. The group goes to different time periods, trying to prevent Abdullah from abducting Princess Shalala and marrying her off to his master.

11. Dragon Ball (Doragon Bōru, Japan; 1995)

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Ah, Dragon Ball. Who doesn’t remember our favorite Super Saiyan Goku? No true-blue 90s kid could go through his/her childhood without fondly recalling Master Pogi, Picollo, and the one-who-always-gets-killed Krillin.

10. Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho, Japan; 1995)

WIM_animes_90s (12)

Our ultimate #squadgoals when we were kids. Eugene, Alfred, Dennis, and Vincent battle monsters in order to save our known world. Ray guuuuun!

9. Pollyana (Shōjo Porianna Monogatari, Japan; 1995)

WIM_animes_90s (6)

Pollyana taught us how to be optimistic despite everything. This story of a young girl who always finds something to be glad about no matter how bleak a situation is was great to watch during our formative years.

8. Si Mary at Ang Lihim sa Hardin (Anime Himitsu no Hanazono, Japan; 1996)

WIM_animes_90s (5)

Mary was once a spoiled orphaned girl whose parents died from a cholera outbreak in India where she was born. She then comes to live with his uncle in England where she meets Martha, Dickon, and her cousin Colin. Together, they discover and nourished the secret garden that was once tended to by Mary’s late aunt.

7. Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo (Romio no aoi sora, Japan; 1997)

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Romeo is a young boy who sold himself as a chimney sweep in order to help his sick father. He is then sent to Milan where he quickly learns the trade while maintaining his positive attitude.

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