12 Classic Hair Accessories We Used to Floss Back in the Day

Paynetas, Barrettes, and more! These are some of the accessories we used to sport back in the 80s to 90s. There are heaps of nice things to say about that time and boring isn’t one of them.

high school gif

Hi, there! I know you’ve collected some of these too, especially during high school!

I love gloomy weather as the vibe always gives me a blast from the past. So, as a result of my reflection, join me as we look back on some of the classic hair accessories we used to floss back in the day!

12. Butterfly clips

These clips, when worn, would make you look like an innocent little girl. The most popular hairstyle back then was by twisting your hair back with these clips to form a halo!

90s hair accessories1

11. Ball Hair Ties

OMG, I hated my mom when she would tidy my hair with these ball hair ties! Hurts like a b*tch, right? I tried it with my daughter and I’m pretty sure she hated me too! LOL! Seriously, though, do you know how it works? Coz, I never fancied using these… I treated them like a normal scrunchie!

90s hair accessories2

10. Flex Comb Stretch

I still to this day don’t know what these are for? I wore it like a headband, scrunchie, and used it as comb before!

hair accessories of the 90s

Photo by Etsy.com

9. Banana Clip

I loved banana clips. I used to have thick and wavy hair, so these clips helped conceal the truth and made me look presentable!

hair clips of the 90s

8. Scrunchies

Scrunchies were a trend back then. Although I could still rock it at this day and age, but dang, it reminds me of my gymnastics and ballet classes!

ponytails of th 90s

7. Snap Clips

I used to hoard these dainty snap clips. And even up to now, I buy them either for me or my daughter!

snap clips

Have you collected some of these too?

6. Hairagami

Apart from using it as an alternative for a ruler, this hair accessory has endless capabilities. Oftentimes, hairagami was used for special occasions like the soirees. It gives your hair an elegant look.

No, I didn’t have the patience to use it.


Photo credit: aliexpress.com

5. Topsy Tail 

I know you had at least one of these in your drawers. Admit it.

topsy tail

Photo credit: aliexpress.com

4. Hair Wraps

Before hair streaks and charger wraps emerged, there were hair wraps. Yes, it became a sensational trend during the 90s.


Photo credit: brit.co

3. Claw clip or “Shok Shok” in Tagalog

This is a timeless accessory. Designed as a huge clip, which is convenient for women on the go.

claw clip

2. Barrettes 

One of the most popular hair accessories back in the day was the Barrette. It would usually come in pairs and in different colors. However, I preferred the single colors like brown, white, and black.

barrettesPhoto credit: goody.com

According to Wikipedia, these conventional clips were invented in 1972 by Marnie Bjornson.

1. Payneta

Payneta or Peineta in Spanish is also defined as an ornamental comb. It looks like a large decorative comb usually worn under a mantilla, or lace head covering during the Spanish era. In the Philippines, payneta became popular to decorate a perfect bun. Moreover, it was also mentioned in one of the Filipino folk songs,paru-parong bukid.”

hair accessories in the 90s

Remarkably, these classic accessories will continue to emerge and give us nostalgic feelings. These were the accessories we hoarded for the sake of not having a bad hair day.

Aminin, nag collect ka rin ng payneta at barrettes! 

So, which of these have you used before? Share your most memorable (or embarrassing) hairdo in the comment section below!