12 Local Brands For Your Graduation OOTD

Graduation season is coming up. It’s definitely very exciting to finally march up and get that degree you’ve been wishing for after years of hard work. Graduation is definitely a moment to celebrate!

This momentous occasion is also a great opportunity to dress up! Who wouldn’t want to look good and feel confident while marching up the stage to get the most anticipated diploma?

While some schools have strict policies on the Graduation Day Dress Code, a lot of schools give their students a little more freedom on what to wear. Dressing up for your graduation day can be quite the challenge. So, we’ve rounded up 12 local brands you can check out for your graduation outfit! (PS. There are choices for both ladies and gents! Read on.)


12. Apartment8 Clothing


Apartment 8 is known for their beautifully designed and very sophisticated pieces. Celebs wear their creations a lot! If you want to look chic and very fashion forward, you definitely have to check out Apartment 8.

33B Scout Borromeo St. Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City

11. The Florence Fling


For a more chill yet still feminine look, you can check out the dresses from The Florence Fling. They’ve got “re-invented” classic styles that will easily match the formality of the celebration yet give you a chance to show your playful personality. Don’t forget to check out the dresses with prints!


10. Style Genie

style genie

Really can’t decide what to wear for graduation? Let Style Genie be your very own personal stylist! With a few details about your preferences, sizes, and what type of outfit you’ll need, Style Genie will easily send you a curated box with an outfit that’s especially handpicked by their partner stylist!


9. Anthologie


Need to wear something more traditional? No need to fret. Check out Anthologie’s Barong dresses and you just might find the perfect outfit for you. It’s a beautiful twist on the traditional barong, turning it into the modern Filipina’s dress.


8. Filip + Inna


Here’s another way to fuse tradition with your modern OOTD. Filip + Inna created beautifully crafted modern pieces inspired by traditional designs of Philippine indigenous people. Their clothes are definitely ones that you’ll be proud to be wearing on such a glorious occasion.


7. Tepina Fabric


This is a more subtle yet very stylish way to incorporate traditional clothing with your modern OOTD. Tepina is all about “fabric handwoven in traditional looms using natural fibers.” They’ve got gorgeous wraps and shawls that will definitely step up your cultural OOTD game.


6. Sheshe

DSC 0745

And how could we forget the shoes? Sheshe can be your one-stop shop for your feet’s needs, especially on your graduation day. They’ve got a wide range of trendy shoes and sandals that you’ll definitely be excited to wear even after your graduation. Perhaps, it can even be a good investment as work shoes!


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