5 Reasons These Locally-Made Sandals Are Must-Haves For The Fashionable Pinay

There have been many claims that shoes are the first thing that people notice about you, and while this is true or not, it still doesn’t change the fact that we ladies deserve to have nice shoes under our feet. With so many choices, it’s pretty hard to look for the one that’s actually worth having. But fear not, we’ve found the sandals that should definitely be in every Filipina’s closet.

Here are 5 reasons why we believe these locally-made sandals by Sheshe are must-haves for any fashionable Pinay.

sheshe shoes

5. The designs are classy, timeless, and perfect for every outfit.

The block heels and ankle strap have been around for ages, but that doesn’t mean that it has gone out of style. These sandals are still as trendy as ever. I think that the way these shoes frame the feet (ankle straps and all) makes them look sleek and sophisticated. As simple as its design may be, it definitely gives off that classy and chic vibe that makes me feel like I can take over the world.

sheshe shoesThe Gary Fur Midheels in blush pink

Plus, it makes any outfit look so put together–a must for every OOTD. Wear it with a dress, jeans, shorts, faux leather pants–it will all look amazing with these sandals.

4. It’s a great compromise for those who aren’t into high heels.

As a very short girl, you’d think that I’d be wearing high heels every chance I get. But the thing is, walking around with my feet five to six inches off the ground isn’t very appealing to me. Plus, I’m not exactly the most coordinated person on the planet. Yet as soon as I wore this pair and stood up, I knew that my life had changed by a few inches. I had officially welcomed heels into my life with these sandals.

sheshe shoes

It’s great for short girls like me because, at least, it adds a few inches without endangering our lives. It’s also for the tall girls because it gives them the satisfaction of wearing heels without risking looking like a giant. These pairs are a win-win for everybody!(PS. Who knew the air would be so thin up here?!)

(PS. Who knew the air would be so thin up here?!)

3. They are super comfy and perfect for walking!

I legit walked around the mall for hours in these sandals and as someone who doesn’t wear heels, I can say that it’s suuuper comfy.

sheshe shoesThe Kath Midheels in black

The insole is super smooth and soft–and it’s pretty much like wearing fluffy bunny slippers at home! And the simple design of the Kath Midheels is perfect for casual strollings around the park, or even just for grocery shopping. So, you can finally say goodbye to foot aches when walking around with these sandals, because looking good doesn’t need to hurt. 😉

2. They’re affordable without compromising the quality.

From the first time I unboxed these sandals, I knew it was the real deal. It wasn’t the type of sandals that you’d buy for a special occasion and then put it away for the next party to preserve its luster. You can use it to work or school and be confident about using it again and again. It’s the perfect staple to your wardrobe and each pair is worth every single cent.

sheshe shoesThe Kath Midheels in beige

1. They are from a local shoe brand!

These sandals are products of a local shoe brand named Sheshe. It was established back in 2014 by young sister entrepreneurs: Tina, an Adamsonian, and Angel, a Lycean. Sheshe offers a variety of stylish shoes for ladies that ensure comfort, quality, and affordability.

sheshe shoes

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These featured sandals–the Kath Midheels and the Gary Fur Midheels–are just two of the various shoe designs that they offer. They also have sneakers, ballet flats, rubber sliders, and much more–all with such trendy designs!

So, if you’re looking for your next OOTD staple, remember to support our very own.

Check out the trendy shoes by Sheshe!

sheshe shoes


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Sheshe’s Physical Stores:
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Molino, Bacoor
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Quirino, Taft, Manila
Mandaue, Cebu

(Special thanks to Glenn Daniel, Chin Peralta, Angeline Merced, and Geo dela Cruz for helping with these feature!)