12 Disney Moms We Absolutely Love

Words by: Michaela Acero / Graphics by: Jillian Bueno

What defines a mom? Thousands of words will never truly be able to describe just how irreplaceable a mom is in our lives. Below is a list, in no particular order, of some of the most iconic (and some underrated) Disney mothers we have grown to know and love.


12 Disney Moms We Absolutely Love

12. Sina in Moana

Possibly one of the more underrated Disney mothers, Sina (honestly, I didn’t even know her name!) chose to support Moana and love her unconditionally. When Sina caught Moana packing up to leave the island, she helped her daughter gather her things instead of getting angry. Many tears were shed, y’all.

11. Andy’s Mom in the Toy Story series

Let’s be real: where would Andy’s toys be if it weren’t for Andy’s mom? She not only gave him Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 1, she also stopped Woody from getting sold in Toy Story 2. Plus, who can forget that tear-jerking scene in Toy Story 3 when she said goodbye to a grown-up Andy before he left for college? (We were all Andy’s mom in that scene tbh…)

10. Riley’s Mom in Inside Out

This seemingly everyday mother definitely stole our hearts with the amount of love and patience she constantly showed for Riley and her husband. Not gonna lie: I totally bawled my eyes out in that scene in Inside Out when they all shared a big, teary family hug. But my favorite thing about this Disney mom is that beneath her nurturing and calm facade, she’s also a cool mom who almost married an exotic Brazilian pilot. 😉

9. Queen Elinor in Brave

The prim and proper Queen Elinor is the mother that free-spirited teens would dread to have… well, at first, at least. As did we, her famously rebellious daughter Merida grew to love this queen-turned-bear as we got to see her wilder side (pun intended). Queen Elinor eventually learned to accept her daughter for who she is. It turns out she only wanted what was best for her all along.

8. Helen Parr aka Mrs. Incredible / Elastigirl in The Incredibles series

Ahh… Mrs. Incredible – one of THE most iconic mothers in Disney-Pixar history! Aside from being the exact definition of a super mom (haha literally, am I right?), Helen always tries to do everything she can to help her children feel “normal” and loved. We’re so excited to see more of her super side in the upcoming The Incredibles 2 (I mean, who isn’t??)

7. Eudora in The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog will forever be one of my favorite movies ever because of its amazing characters and soundtrack (LSS to the max!) Eudora, Tiana’s mom, is nothing but supportive throughout the whole movie. She showers her hardworking daughter with love, but also reminds her to take a well-deserved break and find love for herself. Kudos to this momma for sticking by her daughter’s side all the way!

6. Kala in Tarzan

Kala is the perfect example of the truest love a mother could have – one that is not defined by blood or, in her case, species. She was a fierce protector of baby Tarzan and reminds us all that being different doesn’t have to be bad. Extra points for “You’ll Be In My Heart” being the BEST mother-to-child song ever!

5. Fa Li in Mulan

Much like Queen Elinor, Fa Li was quite the traditional mother who took on the nurturing role in the family. Fa Li deeply cares about Mulan and raised her to have the ideal future for a woman at that time. When Mulan turned away from tradition and went against her family’s wishes, Fa Li worried about her daughter’s safety instead of getting angry about her turning away from the norm in their culture.

4. Mrs. Jumbo in Dumbo

Mrs. Jumbo is one of the OG Disney mothers! The first parts of the film showed just how much Mrs. Jumbo wanted to be a mother. When the abnormally large-eared Dumbo was given to her, she did nothing but love and care for him, despite the jeers of the other elephants. She loved her baby and all his flaws, no matter what anyone else had to say about it!

3. Nani in Lilo and Stitch

While technically not a mother, Nani is a shoutout to all the sisters out there who act as mothers to their younger siblings. Even if she is quite hard on Lilo, Nani deals with her the best way she can after their parents passed away. In the Lilo & Stitch movies, we see the hardworking side of this sister-mother and how her love for Lilo makes it all worth it.

2. Gru in the Despicable Me series

Yet another non-mother, dads like Gru deserve great recognition this Mothers’ Day for being both the mother and father to their children. Gru took great care of his gorls… erm, I mean, girls, and always did his best to keep them safe (although he failed many times). His love for fatherhood shines through in each movie as do his many attempts to make his daughters happy.

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1. Marlin in Finding Nemo

Last but not least, Marlin has the qualities of both a nurturing mother and a (very) persistent father to his one and only son Nemo. Despite his imperfections, Marlin always tries to be the best parent to Nemo. I mean really, wouldn’t swimming halfway across the entire ocean just to find your son make you the best father-mother ever?

Whether you’re a single parent or half of a mother-father tandem, you deserve recognition for your love and hard work every single day! To all you children out there, give your mom or dad an extra big hug (or even a gift like this) this Mothers’ Day for all that they are to you.


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